New Postcards Series

I added lots of new postcards to my shop lately. Postcards are getting harder to find, so I’m working hard at turning more of my illustrations and sketchbook pages into digital art, some to be printed on postcards.

One of my favorite series of illustrations is this set of maps I illustrated for a design project. I turned them into postcards, and listed new sets in my shop. They measure 4.13″ x 5.82″ and will take a standard postcard stamp.

colorado ski town map postcards

I have been skiing for over 40 years, and lived in Colorado where we skied a lot. These illustrations are based on a few of my favorite ski towns. I really love illustrating maps, so I’m hoping to do more work like this in 2016.

aspen map postcard

vail map postcard glenwood springs map postcard crested butte map postcard

I also turned my forest illustrations into postcards.

forest postcards

winter forest postcards

A fun set of coffee art patterns from my Barista Retreat project!coffee art postcards

A couple skier-themed postcards.skiing postcards

I also added some bright animal print patterns from my Spoonflower pattern shop too.bright animal print postcards

Happy snail mail!



  • These are all fantastic Terri!! I especially love the map series. They have such a vintage feel to them as do the ski series. Who doesn’t love snail mail?!!

    • Thanks so much, Rene’! I do love creating maps, so it’s fun to find other uses for them, like these postcards. Snail mail is the best thing these days. Yesterday, the only thing in our mailbox was a postcard from Cindy. How awesome was that!

  • Love the coffee cards! Can never have too much coffee in your life…okay I take that back. There *can* be too much coffee, but so long as you don’t drink it all at once, it’s alright 😉
    And I’m absolutely head over heels about the ski town prints. I have a love of mapping, so far as tabletop RPGs go. Something about a handdrawn map of a town or village that someone drew up and there’s some sort of story in there to find…oh it lights a fire in my heart. These prints of yours are in fantastically bright colors – and in a much easier style to create than those detailed town maps! 😀

    • Thanks so much, Jessica! These postcards are a fun way to make my illustrations useable. Those ski town maps are one of my favorite illustration projects, so it’s nice to hear your feedback. I love doing illustrated maps, so I need to make more time to do more.

  • i love LOVE your postcards!! I will purchase some–to send to other people, but it would be funny to send your postcards back to you, right?

    • Thanks so much, Cindy! They are fun to illustrate and design. I get mail from my mom and my sister all the time that is stationery I’ve designed. Believe me, it’s wonderful!

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