New Surface Pattern Collection: Whispers

In an effort to expand my portfolio of repeat patterns this year, I wanted to show you my Whispers collection, which I designed last year (but never showed anyone!). It comes in two colorways with a focal print and nine coordinating prints each. It’s one of my most favorite projects!

whispers collection

The Whispers collection grew from this page I illustrated in my sketchbook in the summer of 2014. My inspiration came from walking in the woods and hearing all sorts of chirps, peeps and rustling but not being able to see the source of the whispering sounds through the tangles of vines, wildflowers and brambles in the woods.

sketchbook page whispers web

Here is the focal print in the two colorways:

Whispers focal prints

And lots of fun coordinating prints!

Whispers postcards

I think these patterns would make great bolt fabric, wrapping paper, journal covers or scrapbooking paper. Stay tuned for more fun patterns throughout year. Happy designs!


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