Week 38 Animal Art Series: White-Tailed Deer

In order to continue my mission to draw all the time and fill up more sketchbooks in 2016, I’ve been busy working on a new theme of drawings each week. At the end of the week, it’s nice to have lots of new drawings and a full page illustration. And I’m learning how to draw so many new things this year, which is really exciting!

My theme for September is backyard wildlife, so week 38 in my animal art series features the white-tailed deer.

Their coat is a reddish-brown in the spring and summer and turns to a grey-brown throughout the fall and winter. The deer can be recognized by the characteristic white underside to its tail. Males regrow their antlers every year. They eat acorns, fruit, and corn, and forage foraging on other plants, including shoots, leaves, and grasses.

img_6105After doing a quick pencil sketch of my concept, I started out with a watercolor wash for the background colors of each fox and other nature elements. Then I love to dive in with my tiny paintbrushes to add details and give them personality.

Can’t wait to turn this sketchbook page into fun new digital art! Drawing and illustrating always makes me happy!


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