Week 44 Animal Art Series: Caribou and Moose Crossing

In order to continue my mission to draw all the time and fill up more sketchbooks in 2016, I’ve been busy working on a new theme of drawings each week. At the end of the week, it’s nice to have lots of new drawings and a full page illustration. And I’m learning how to draw so many new things this year, which is really exciting!

My theme for October is national parks wildlife, so week 44 in my animal art series features a caribou and moose.

You may have sightings of these animals in the Rocky Mountain, Denali and Glacier National Parks.

Caribou are part of the deer family so they grow and shed their antlers each year. They are the only species in which both sexes grow antlers.

Moose are known for being huge, standing at 5-7 feet tall and weighing up to 1,500 pounds. Their long legs allow them to travel through deep snow and swim in deep water. Usually solitary animals, they graze on leaves, stems, buds and bark.

Can’t wait to turn these sketchbook pages into fun new digital art! At the end of this month’s theme, it would be fun to use these animal drawings for a series of illustrated maps of the national parks. Or turn them into postcards.


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