March recap

In March I continued to have fun participating in weekly character prompts, including two girls sipping drinks in a magical garden, a sparkly lady ready to go dancing, a fella and his doggie out for a bike ride, and three ladies enjoying coffee on a park bench, using photo prompts provided by @housecatillustrations.

I participated in a zoom live drawing session recently and the challenge was to draw famous masterpieces. I was intimidated at first so I just dove in with the Mona Lisa first, which was so much fun that I couldn’t stop so I kept going with a few more famous portraits.

I dreamt up this fun fashionista character sheet full of accessories that could tell his story.

I’m always practicing drawing people in action so it was fun to fill up this page with people golfing.

I also filled up a couple more pages with water and woods wildlife characters.

So many ideas to illustrate, never enough time!

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