About Terri

I am a freelance illustrator living in Madison, Wisconsin.

I love to draw. So I practice all.the.time. I have piles of sketchbooks filled with illustrations, drawings, paintings, doodles and ideas. I continuously keep a sketchbook. I love to create nature illustrations, animal art, surface pattern designs, maps and hand lettering. I am currently illustrating a series of children’s pictures books and creating spot illustrations for a digital embroidery company.

I earned my associates degree in graphic design and illustration at the Madison Area Technical College (MATC). I also have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an associates degree as a paralegal.

My creative work is inspired by my adventures in nature, my love for my park-inspired backyard, and a wanderlust for exploring the outdoors. I enjoy hiking in the woods, kayaking, swimming in the ocean and biking the trails.