Wanderlust: a craving for travel, a sense of distant places, a desire to explore the world.

I was born with a major case of wanderlust. When I graduated from high school, I wanted to take a year off before going to college to explore the U.S. By myself. In my car. (I was only 17, so my mom said no way.)  In the meantime, I remain curious about other places, people, and culture.

I have always loved maps, both as a traveler and as an illustrator. Maps tell stories! As my brother-in-law says, “looking at maps kinda feels like traveling in a way.”

* * * * *

This is the infographic map I illustrated and designed showing the amazing migration of Monarch butterflies, along with other fun facts about other butterflies. It also shows some differences between butterflies and moths that people often wonder about.

Butterflies Infographic Map

It makes a great educational print which also looks nice framed and hanging on the wall. I can vouch for that because the framed print shown below is hanging on the wall in my home office, which makes me happy 😉 It’s now it’s listed in my shop as an 11″ x 14″ print, printed on photo matte card stock paper with a slight border for framing allowance.

Butterfly Infographic Map

I created a whale watching map for the weekly design contest on Spoonflower. Normally, these contests are looking for repeat patterns, but I decided to do something different by designing a whale watching map, featuring Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Killer Whales – all famous for whale watching adventures. You always need a fun map to navigate your world travels. I think this map would make a great panel for a tote bag, center piece for a tablecloth, or a wall hanging. The top shows a general world map with labels on the continents and oceans, along with some whimsical icons. The bottom legend portion of the design shows three different whales with a seashell icon noting the best places in the world to see these whales.

The first color palette with pastels was required for the contest. I changed the color palette to a more appropriate theme for whales and a map showing land and the oceans.

Whale Watching Map blues greens

These postcard maps all have a consistent style, with lots of fun icons to illustrate life and activities in that particular area. They also have a narrative on the back side about the place, which was a good way to practice typography sills, laid over a transparent background of the map from the front, along with a few icons repeated from the front.

Door County Map

Africa Map

Pacific Coast Highway Map

Aspen Map

Crested Butte Map Glenwood Springs Map Vail Map

Madison Dining Map


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