Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns

All of my sewing patterns are now available in my Etsy shop.

Yoga Matt Pattern: I decided to updated my collection of sewing patterns available to you. First up is my Yoga Matt pattern, which prints as a 3-page PDF. Click here for the blog post about this pattern.

I was originally inspired to make my own Yoga Matt several years ago because I love to lay in the grass and chill out on a warm, sunny day. I also wanted to be able to take this with me to the park or the beach, so I added the straps to wrap around the rolled up matt for easy carrying.

Stuff Sacks Pattern: I was originally inspired to make my own Stuff Sacks, which are drawstring bags with flat bottoms, several years ago because when I was inspired by the stuff sacks used by campers and backpackers to keep stuff organized in a backpack. I use one stuff sack to save pinecones, acorns, feathers and other trail treasures, and another one to store my acrylic paints – 14 bottles. I use another one for a lunch bag. You could use one for your knitting or embroidery project. The possibilities are endless! This pattern prints as a 4-page PDF with circle templates if needed. Click here for the blog post about this pattern.

Stuff Baskets: use these to store odds and ends, spare change, cotton balls and swabs, jewelry, office supplies, pens and pencils, and more. Features piping on the flat bottom for an added professional finish. Embellish with pretty ribbon or pom-pom fringe. Made similar to the Stuff Sack, but without the drawstring. Click here for the blog post about this pattern.

Checkerboard Set: One of the first products I made to sell in my Etsy shop (when I first opened it in 2009) was a Checkerboard Set, and they have since all sold out.  I thought it would be fun to share a pattern for this set so you can make your own.

When I originally came up with this idea, I wanted to take a game set with me when traveling, so I made a lined drawstring bag to carry everything in.

This pattern includes instructions for making four different projects: the game board, the lined drawstring carrying bag, the small drawstring bag to carry the checkers, and the checkers. Click here for the blog post about this pattern.

Checkerboard Set Pattern

Sketchbook Cover and Zipper Pouch Set – I am never without a Moleskin sketchbook, a pencil and black Micron marker. I like to carry my sketchbook and tools in style, so one of my favorite things to make is a sketchbook set, including a custom cover, a zipper pouch to hold my drawing tools and a zipper case to hold everything. Click here to learn how you can male one of these sketchbook sets for yourself!

Sketchbook Set pattern

Pocket-Size Sketchbook Cover and Zipper Pouch

I’m excited to share a version for another sketchbook cover and zipper pouch with you! This cover is for a pocket size Moleskin sketchbook, which measures 3.5″ x 5.5″. I also made a medium size (9″ wide by 6″ high) zipper pouch to store the sketchbook and a few drawing tools.Sketchbook-Set

See this pattern for additional info.

The rest of these sewing patterns will be available very soon, so check back often for updates!

Messenger Bag – Pattern Coming Soon!

my new messenger bag

Party Clutches – Patterns Coming Soon!

party clutch with zipper party clutch with flap

Impractical Clutches

Handbag Pattern: Ever go shopping for a handbag and can’t find the right size or color or style? That happens to me all the time, so I started making my own, customizing them to go with the season or the occasion. Now you can make your own too with this easy pattern!

Handbag Pattern - Cover

This handbag features a zipper closure, two inside pockets, and a piping accent, giving it a professional finish. It measures approximately: 11.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall.


Shopping Tote: We can never have enough tote bags, especially nowadays when we’re all trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags floating around in this world.

This shopping tote works great for grocery shopping or for carrying your art supplies or your library books. All sorts of possibilities! Finished tote measures approximately: 12 inches wide by 13 inches tall. This pattern is suitable for beginning sewers and can be easily made in an afternoon.

Makeup Bags: Carry your makeup and toiletries in style! Making your own set of makeup bags would be so much cuter than those freebie plastic ones you get at the department stores when it’s bonus days.

Customize them to your own style and taste. Quilt them with random zig-zag stitching or do a diagonal grid. Embellish them with rick-rack ribbon and flower buttons. Personally, I love making these bags, so I hope you will too.

Pattern includes instructions for three sizes:

Small: 8.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall

Medium: 11 inches wide by 6 inches tall

Large: 11.5 inches wide by 7 inches tall

New patterns also coming soon for an Artist Tote, a Messenger Bag, and a Party Clutch!

I set up a group on Flickr for a place to share projects made using my sewing patterns. I would love to see photos of the projects you make!

Feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!


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