I can’t stop sketching, drawing, illustrating and doodling in my sketchbook these days! My goal is to draw more, to draw all the time, to draw something every day, and to some day draw everything. Here’s a sneak peak into some of my favorite sketchbooks. I’m planning to turn many of these illustrations into fun digital art to stay tuned!

Click here to see my Flickr gallery of a few more pages from my sketchbooks.

New in 2016:

October animal art series

img_6106August animal art freshwater fishanimal art sketchbook wildflowers and pollinators

week 26 animal art nature

June animal art series

Animal Art Series May birds

animal art weeks 13-16animal art weeks 9-12animal art weeks 5-8animal art weeks 1-4sketchbook page: on the move sketchbook page: howling sketchbook page: doe woods sketchbook page: buck woods

sketchbook page: wings sketchbook page: hiding in wood pile

New in 2015:

Sketchbook Page of December Doodles

sketchbook page ovember dooodles

view from my office sketchbook page

on the move sketchbook pagesketchbook page of october doodlessketchbook page for september doodlessketchbook page dance promptsketchbook page sunflower framesketchbook pag random doodlessketchbook journal for one week

sketchbook journal pagesketchbook page of august doodles

I have a phobia for the first page of a new sketchbook, which can be a bit intimidating, so I decided to go big with this one (July 2015) and the second page too. Both fun experiments in illustrating a looking-glass feeling!

sketchbook first page sketchbook page 3 fancy frames

sketchbook page of June doodlessketchbook page zinniassketchbook page mosssketchbook page locust frondssketchbook page framed daisysketchbook page of vinca vinessketchbook-mini flowers

sketchbook page of crab apple blossoms sketchbook page of maple buds sketchbook page of feathersFor my month of doodles in May, I continued to take inspiration from our backyard and neighborhood – dandelions, crab apple blossoms, grape hyacinth, bleeding hearts, violets, tulips, lilies of the valley, alliums, petunias and more.

sketchbook page of May doodles

sketchbook page: trilliums and ferns sketchbook page fresh cut flowers

For my April doodles, I took inspiration from what I saw outside in my part of the world, which was early spring flowers – crocus, daffodils, forsythia buds opening, vinca vines and tulips.

sketchbook page of april doodles

These sketchbook pages were inspired by pom daisies, carnations, alstromeria, and roses from recent bouquets. Then I filled the page with a dramatic spray of leaves and a few of the swirls I love to draw. Next up, I plan to turn these illustrations into new surface patterns, so stay tuned!

sketchbook page daisy and leavessketchbook page carnations and leavessketchbook page alstromeria and leaves

sketchbook page rose and leaves

March Doodles

sketchbook page of March doodles

Inspired by crochet-doily-flowers and repeat surface pattern

sketchbook page lace flower pattern

sketchbook page all over pattern

Inspired by fresh cut flowers and vines

sketchbook page wavy carnation vines sketchbook page spiraling daisy pomLace-inspired flowers and webbing

sketchbook page lacey flower sketchbook page lacey flowersketchbook page lacey web

One of my latest favorite prompts for the year is to use my weekly bouquet of fresh-cut flowers for inspiration. This page was inspired by the daisies in my current bouquet.

sketchbook fresh cut daisy

February doodles

sketchbook page February doodles

Lace-inspired drawings!sketchbook page of lace sketchbook page lace pattern

sketchbook page of lace

Inspired by tiny plants at the greenhousesketchbook tiny ferns sketchbook tiny plants sketchbook tiny plants

Fancy frames
sketchbook fancy frames

Cameo profilessketchbook cameos

Inspired by insect jewelrysketchbook butterfly brooches

In order to fill up more sketchbooks, which is on my bucket list for 2015, I have been coming up with lots of drawing prompts. One thing I’m doing is a monthly calendar. But instead of using it like a diary, I’m using it to do a daily doodle. It’s a great way to get started with my drawing projects for the day. I’m hoping to have a theme for each month’s doodles. It’s one of my new favorite things to do!

sketchbook page january doodlesAlso on my bucket list for 2015 is to wear dresses more often!

sketchbook page wear dressesThe prompt for this page is my theme for 2015, to be brave, to be confident in making more work, sharing it and submitting it to licensing companies.

sketchbook page be brave

I’m happy to report this was the very last blank page in my watercolor sketchbook, which I started in 2012. It’s always a great feeling to fill up a sketchbook, another goal of mine in 2015 – to fill up more sketchbooks. I have already started a new sketchbook, which I will share next week.

New in 2014:

sketchbook page of vines and pointsettia sketchbook page of tiles and vines

sketchbook page You Are

sketchbook wildflowers with pen

sketchbook-trailtreasures4 sketchbook-trailtreasures3 sketchbook-trailtreasures2 sketchbook-trailtreasures1

sketchbook painting root vegetables

sketchbook root vegetables - carrots sketchbook root vegetables - beets sketchbook root vegetables - radishes sketchbook root vegetables -parsnip

sketchbook root vegetables - sweet potato and turnip

watercolor sketchbook gourds

watercolor sketchbook dahlia

sketchbook apples sketchbook sunflowers sketchbook pumpkins

Lots of new work lately inspired by a trip to the botanical gardens and hiking the trails:

sketchbook page birch eyes sketchbook page wood nymph butterfly sketchbook secret garden gate

First page in a new sketchbook, which is great progress for me since I have a phobia for the first page of a sketchbook!

sketchbook eyessketchbook celosia intenz sketchbook cockscomb

Last page in my summer sketchbook!

sketchbook clover

I’ve only finished one new illustration in my sketchbook so far this week, inspired by the majestic dahlias that are blooming this time of year.

sketchbook page flourish to flower

I finished this drawing that was in progress last week by adding a fancy scroll frame around the illustration of critters and cattails. That fancy frame was really fun to do so I’m hoping to try that on more illustrations.

sketchbook critters frame

sketchbook page bird in a tree

The first drawing of a bird in a tree is ready to be inked and scanned for digital fun. I still need to finish the second page by filling in a fancy scrolled frame around the illustration of critters and cattails.

sketchbook page critters cattails

This set is ready to be inked and scanned for digital fun.

sketchbook moth

sketchbook moths

sketchbook moth dance

sketchbook owl

sketchbook forest floor

sketchbook fungus ferns

sketchbook bark

More Summer sketchbook pages
sketchbook flower flourish

sketchbook bee yourself

sketchbook vinca vines

sketchbook queen annes lace

sketchbook shoreline dunes

sketchbook spiderweb




sketchbook vine leaves

sketchbook swirls

Bleeding Hearts: One of the most magical flowers in our garden is the bleeding heart. They are so delicate and unique, thriving in the shady, damp spot right next to our front porch.

sketchbook page bleeding hearts

More Nature Letters with a Bird theme

sketchbook page chickadee letter

sketchbook page robin letter

sketchbook page cardinal letter

Nature Letters: These pages started out with a watercolor background, pencil sketches, more watercolor painting, pen and ink details and some hand-lettering. Inspired by the illustrated Paris Letter I received in the snail mail, I purposefully left white space on these pages for room to write a short letter.


sketchbook butterfly letter


sketchbook leaves letter

Pathway (reminds me of The Secret Garden, one of my favorite books)

sketchbook pathway letter

I’m looking forward to doing more of these illustrations in my sketchbook, especially as Spring arrives and things come back to life in our gardens and on the trails nearby, providing just the right inspiration I need.

How Do You Take Your Coffee: There are always new designs of coffee mugs for different coffee drinks and occasions.

sketchbook page coffee cups-page


sketchbook page birdwatching

A Cat


I filled in some new pages with random, abstract sweeps of watercolor, let them simmer for a few days, and added some pen work for new illustrations.

windswept illustration


village illustration


I did this next illustration on a piece of scrap watercolor paper roughly the size of a postcard. I just swept some watercolor paint across, let it dry, and let it simmer for a few days until I could see an image emerge.

winter trees illustration

“winter trees”

I did a set of similar ink blot illustrations a couple years ago, where you blot ink on paper, let run and spread, and draw out the image hidden within the paint.

inkblot illustrations

“ink blot illustrations”

I recently spent an afternoon hanging out at a coffee shop. I enjoyed a vanilla latte and some quiet brainstorming time.

vanilla latte at Barriques

It was such a great moment that I wanted to capture it in my sketchbook.

sketchbook page latte

In addition to playing around in my sketchbook with watercolor illustrations, I’ve been making time for graphite drawings in another sketchbook. This week, I’ve been obsessed with drawing coffee mugs/lattes.

sketchbook peppermint mocha

sketchbook pumpkin spice latte

Here was my photo inspiration:

coffee cup inspiration

When I first learned how to draw, I thought coffee mugs were hard to draw because they are a symmetrical shape, which takes practice to get both sides sloped and curved the same. I’m feeling much better about drawing coffee mugs in all sorts of shapes now, so it’s become a fun challenge.

New in 2013:

To get in more drawing practice, I am hoping to keep up with a Sketch-A-Day or Doodle-A-Day project. Here are pages from my sketchbook:




sketch day 4




New in 2012

I like the idea of a personal art project each week, so I’m going to do an Art Journal in 2012. I will admit I’m not using the prettiness sketchbook, but I really needed paper that could hold up with not just pen and ink, but watercolor and acrylic experiments. So I’m using a mixed-media notebook. I can always make a pretty cover for it, right?!

I am going to participate in the 366 challenge where you illustrate a calendar spread for each month, inspired by The Kathryn Wheel. I love this Flickr group chock full of calendar inspirations.

January Calendar

January – Doodle Theme

My Words of the Year – Illustrated Words (remaining thumbnails to be filled in as ideas strike me)

Week of January 8, 2012 –

I had the opportunity to spend a day with my mom, exploring the city, so that was on my mind for this page.

We got our first big snowstorm of the 2012 winter season, which was on my mind for this illustration.

Week of January 15

Neapolitan Cake on my mind!

Late January – First week of classes for the Spring 2012 semester.

February Calendar

Recipes as my muse – Green Monster Smoothie

Recipes as my muse – Butterscotch Blonde Bars

I get a good feeling… on Friday afternoons. Graphite, watercolor, pen and colored pencil in white.

February Prompt – Close-ups – graphite, watercolor, pen and colored pencil in white

March Calendar

March Prompt – Flowers – graphite, watercolor and pen

March Signs of Spring – graphite, watercolor and pen

Daisies, just because I like them – graphite, watercolor and pen

April Calendar

Flower Doodle – graphite, watercolor, and pen

May Calendar

Vinca Vines – Verithin pencil, watercolors, pen and colored pencils

June Calendar

June Berries

July page, watercolor painting of the American flag colors and abstract style…

… turned into my July Calendar

Page of Impatiens

Page of Woodland Poppies

Page of Graffiti / Abstract Doodles

This page forced me to think outside the box because my brain doesn’t do as well with abstract versus realistic and representational imagery. But it was fun and I love the results.

August – One of my favorite pages I’ve ever illustrated!
This page was going to be my calendar for August, but every time I set out to design a background for my calendar page, I end up liking the background too much to cover it up with tiles for the days of the week. I really love how this page of leaves turned out! When I was thinking of the month of August, I was thinking it’s probably the last month all the leaves are still green, before Fall weather sets in and the leaves start to turn color.

Page of Phlox

Page of Hibiscus

Nature Findings – Another one of my favorite pages I’ve ever illustrated!

Birch Leaves (added a background color and a frame on this page since my last version)

In Progress – Ferns

Up Next – Leaves From Trees in Our Yard

Check back for more sketchbook adventures and illustrations!



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