Art Cards – Week 40 – Courage and Faith

I had butterflies last week. I was scheduled to teach my first workshop. And then I was scheduled to teach a second workshop the very next day. So I was nervous facing these two new challenges. Deep down, I knew I would be just fine. I kept telling myself, “just be yourself.”

As it turned out, things went so well that I received positive feedback from the workshop attendees, giving me the boost I needed to take on teaching more workshops.

I was incredibly moved (and saddened) by the recent death of the founder and CEO for the company I work for, so I been thinking a lot this week about a couple of his quotes he made over the years.

Sometimes I struggle picking a moment from the past week to illustrate on my art cards. I am thankful for finding the courage to be myself and the faith to press on when faced with a challenge.

Art Cards – Autumn Swap

I’m so proud to show off the art cards I received from Michelle for our Autumn Swap!

(You can see the cards I made for her here.)

I love the gorgeous colors, and the way she illustrated such whimsical images of Autumn. The metallic gel pens for the writing on these make the rich colors really pop.

She is such a creative, original artist, so I love having some of her artwork in my collection of art cards. The ink on this one looks like it’s running or dropping down the card. And the shading on the pumpkins makes them look so dimensional.

She continues to inspire me to try new techniques and experiment with different art mediums. Thanks, buddy!

Art Cards – Week 39 – Under Control

I had a couple positive things come together last week, so I was happy to find ways to illustrate these on my art cards.

I have always wanted a mentor, now more than ever since I’ve been working towards a more creative lifestyle. It’s really hard to find someone who is willing and has the time to provide direction and offer feedback on create projects, especially since I haven’t established a lot of connections in the creative field yet.

So I was happy when the person I asked last week to be my mentor has agreed!

We have been close friends our entire lives (proud to be cousins), so this renewed relationship just makes sense. I’m so excited to already be working on a couple assignments.

I am also happy and excited about a move up at work, which means I will be able to get my work schedule under control with more regularity, allowing me to actually make plans and manage my time better.

I am so hopeful – things are looking up!