New Tiny Art: Greenery

I started a new job recently, so I got a little behind in my illustrations for #the100dayproject. No worries, though! I’m creating something new everyday for 100 days, which I usually do anyway. My theme is 100 days of tiny art, a small canvas at 2.5″ x 3.5″, a doable size for a daily piece. #100daysoftinyart

This week’s set of tiny art is a study in Greenery, days 8-14. I really love illustrating with just a paintbrush and watercolors.

greenery tiny art days 8-14

Top: Leaf Study, Palms
Middle: Sea Oats, Breezy, Feathered Palms
Bottom: Fan Palms, Vines

I try to post these tiny pieces of art regularly on Instagram if you want to follow along. I love the challenge of coming up with a weekly theme and working on a small canvas, so I’m hoping to continue this regular art practice in 2016.

Happy drawing!



Green is one of my two favorite colors. (the other is sky blue) These pictures of our backyard in June are great examples of why I love green so much.backyard in June

Backyard in June

backyard in June

backyard in June

green backyard in june

green backyard in juneGreen in nature comes in so many tints and shades, textures and smells.

We’ve spent the past nine years making our backyard look like a park with the addition of new trees, a variety of flowers, new shrubs, bird houses and feeders, a raspberry patch, a strawberry patch, a butterfly garden, and stray benches we found on the curb before trash day. By mid-summer things get wild-looking; we love the informal (jungle) look everything grows into as it spreads out over the course of the summer growing season.

It’s one of my favorite places to be this time of year, whether I’m doing chores, eating lunch, grilling out or just watching the squirrels, birds and rabbits search for food. Do you have a favorite place to be in summer?



From My Inspiration File: Spring Green

One of the (many) reasons Spring is my favorite season is the color Green.

I love the color of new growth.

I love the color of new leaves.

I love the shininess of fresh hostas.

I love the delicate shoots of new ornamental grass, which changes colors as the wind blows through the green blades.

Even the lawn in spring is such a fresh green color.

I  noticed that I have at least six shirts in my spring and summer wardrobe, ranging from sage green to aqua. Take time to notice all the different shades and textures of spring green on your daily adventures. Thanks for stopping by!

Fresh Ingredients

There’s nothing better than fresh salsa, especially with ingredients from my own garden.

I could eat it by the spoonfuls, but it definitely tastes better with chips.

I think these vibrant salsa colors are great inspiration for a patchwork project, so I checked my stash of reds and greens and found more fabrics than I realized I had, especially in my Christmas pile. (don’t you just love these tone-on-tone polka dots on top?!)

Now I just need to figure out what to make. I have faith an idea will come to me.

Clutch Experiment

I have been in the midst of a clutch design experiment over the past few months.

I have been making several different styles from a variety of shapes and colors.

Rhinestones, studs and chains have been sneaking their way into my projects too.

I sketched out a few designs using my curved design rulers, which I learned how to use in graphic design class last year. I have used them so much lately for a few patterns to try.

My inspiration for the brown zebra bag was this vintage beaded clutch I’ve had for years. It’s very pretty but delicate and a little stained, so it just sits safely tucked away in my dresser drawer. I decided to use it as a starting point to come up with my own party clutch. I think my party clutch needs to be wider, so I’m still tweaking the design.

I have also been trying out different fabrics, such as this silk I used for the lining. I’ve never sewn with silk, so I was nervous. It’s more stretchy than I realized, and more slippery than anything I’ve worked with (except for spandex back in the ’80s). But I think it looks so cool as a lining, so I’m definitely going to try that again!

My inspiration for the black zebra bag was this gold clutch I bought in Vegas for $10, thinking it would be another good example to put my own twist on. I was going for a rock-n-roll look with this one.

I love how it turned out, with that asymmetrical flap and musical fabric for the lining. I would like this one to be wider too, so I’m back to the design board.

Can you tell how much fun I’m having with this experiment?! I can’t wait to come up some the final samples to show you.

Fall Fabric Swap Goodies

I was so excited to receive an airmail package from Australia – from my partner for the Fall Fabric Swap, sponsored by Marvellous Mouse Designs. Yay! Woo hoo!

Each participant in this fabric swap was connected with a partner and given instructions to send her a total of one yard/metre of fabric made up in any increment.

Check out the loot my partner sent me:

I feel so lucky that Karen who lives in Australia got my name. She included a flower piece of the new Pop Garden fabric collection by Heather Bailey, a striped piece that might be from Sandi Henderson’s Farmers Market fabric collection, and other pieces of pink and green that will look great together, perhaps in a log cabin patchwork block, which is what I have in mind with an embroidered friendship message on the other side.

The goodies don’t end with these great fabrics. She also included this adorable fabric basket:

and this cute pattern for a glasses case (I love the embroidery on the flap):

and these notions – trim and buttons:

My swap partner also included a notecard with a letter handwritten inside telling me about herself. I love it! It’s like having a new friend on the other side of the world. It made me feel a little sheltered that I don’t know much about Australia, but it also got me excited to make a new crafting friend and a chance to learn more. Thank you Karen!