From My Sketchbook: July Doodles

In order to fill up more sketchbooks, which is on my bucket list for 2015, I’m having fun coming up with new drawing prompts, so I’ve been trying to sketch A LOT more lately. One thing I’m doing is a monthly calendar, but instead of using it like a diary, I’m using it to do a daily doodle.

For the month of July I continued to find inspiration in our backyard and neighborhood. I managed to keep up each day and each week so this month was fun to doodle.

I’m already working on a new layout for August. I’ve been anxious to start a new theme centered around the beach since we’re planning a couple trips to local beaches in August. Stay tuned for the next month of doodles!


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Garden Update: Lilies Everywhere

It’s lily season, and we have lilies blooming in all corners of our yard.

purple lily

peach lily

burgundy lily

white lily

red and yellow lily

pink lily

We are lucky to have so many sizes, shapes and colors throughout our yard. They are quite hardy and bloom a lot in July, which can be our harshest, warmest, driest summer month. The best part? they are the lowest maintenance perennial you could ask for.

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