Week 2 Weekly Drawings: Horns N Hoofs

In order to continue my mission to draw all the time and fill up more sketchbooks in 2016, I’m using a new grid to do daily drawings with a weekly theme, while experimenting with watercolor. At the end of each week, it’s nice to have seven new drawings and a full page illustration.

This week’s theme is deer-like animals, “Horns ~N~ Hoofs,” with a light wash of camo green in the background.

sketchbook page of deer

I can’t wait to turn this page into fun new digital art! Happy drawing!


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Christmas Couples

I found a few pairs of cute  Christmas couples in my box of decorations that have become some of my favorite holiday decorations, so I wanted to share them with you.

This pair is the moose couple I got from my friend Tami in Colorado. They rest atop the couch in our living room

This pair is the skiing snowman couple that came from a shop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, where we used to live. They are hanging out in the window of our guest room, watching the skies for more snow.

This pair is the gingerbread couple. I got them in a secret Santa exchange when I lived in Colorado. They spend their days in my bathroom, keeping me company when I’m getting ready for work

Aren’t they sweet? What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?