My Muse: Botanical Gardens

I’ve been taking several online art classes this year from Alisa Burke, an artist famous for her sketchbooks and her art, from realistic to abstract, graffiti to patterns. One of her strongest messages is to find your own muse, places that excite you and give you inspiration to create your own art.

One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is our local botanical gardens.

It’s chock full of gorgeous paths, landscaping and planned gardens based on themes, such as wildflowers, roses, herbs, and spring bulbs.

They have such a wonderful variety of spring bulbs in bloom right now.

I saw many spring flowers I’m familiar with but not in these mini versions.

I’ve also never seen a tree with such curls like this Curly Willow.

In addition to all the beautiful flowers, the landscaping is fabulous too. This alpine path reminds me of vegetation I saw when I lived in mountain terrain, lots of evergreens, conifers, sedums and succulents.

There are lots of places to just sit and reflect on life.

I’m working on a project for Color Theory class where we have to put together  slide show of photos we’ve taken showing complementary colors, which means colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel.

I already have a big supply of photos to choose from, but I wanted to take new photos to add to the mix.

It was an exhilarating and relaxing afternoon, to feel the warm sunshine, smell the blossoms, and just be outside amongst all this natural beauty.

I definitely have to make more field trips like this. Where do you go to relax and find inspiration?

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