Favorite Colors

In a recent post, Juicy Bits blogger asked readers to name their three favorite colors as their entry for her latest giveaway (which is an awesome giveaway, by the way). My favorite colors are represented by the colors, textures and places in nature that I experienced this summer:

The fresh spring green of budding leaves in spring, and

The crisp blue green of the ocean,

The bright magenta of the peonies in our yard.

I have taken a color theory class a couple times at my local fabric store, and found it to be so much more fascinating that you might expect. We talked about the usual – color, value, intensity and scale. But we learned how one color can affect another. We also learned how to play with the color wheel. There is so much to learn about color theory, but often times you can just feel it when you see a color you like or don’t like. I love those classes!

Do you have a favorite color?