My Very Own Pillowcases

Check out our new pillowcases. Yea, I know, pillowcases usually come in a set when you buy new sheets. But it’s so fun customizing things throughout the house. I had a large piece of fabric (2 yards) in my stash from an older collection by Amy Butler, and figured this was another good project for the house. I know, the fabric is not very Fall-like, but it was in my stash, and thus, needed to be made into something useful.

Based on a pattern from this magazine, I cut the two main pieces of fabric measuring 27 x 42.

I cut two pieces of the trim fabric measuring 3-1/2 x 42. Fold in half and press.

Finally I cut two pieces of the contrast band fabric measuring 11 x 42. Fold in half and press.

The first one has a blue-on-white fabric trim and a darker blue contrast band.

The second one has a green-on-white fabric trim with green contrast band.

I sewed the trim to the contrast band along the long edge with raw edges together. Next I layered the contrast band to the main fabric with the trim piece sandwiched in between and sewed the shorter raw edges together. I zig-zagged these seam allowances to keep them from fraying over time. (I love doing that – zig-zagging!) Finally, I folded the piece in half with right sides together and sewed all the way around.

I guess there are standard size pillows, but all of our pillows vary a little. I found several patterns I liked, but I wasn’t too crazy about any one style or set of measurements. Pillowcases are one of the easiest sewing projects to make, but having never made them before, I needed a little guidance. As always, now I know what I will do differently for the next ones – I might cut them slightly smaller and either skip the trim fabric or attach it to the pillow case fabric rather than just leaving it folded over.

PS – My local fabric store has a local representative taking donations of homemade pillowcases for chronically ill children, sponsored by the ConKerr Cancer organization. Consider contributing handmade pillowcases if you have cheerful fabric and an hour to spare.