My Entry into the Fall Quilt Festival

Have you seen all the gorgeous quilts at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival? Amazing work being displayed out there!

I was torn between two of my recent favorite quilt projects, but ultimately I decided to enter this one into the festival. I made it as part of the coin quilt piece-along earlier this year. I was a little intimidated to machine quilt it myself, so it took me until July to finally finish it.

finished coin quiltI planned to use a pattern, but as is typical for me, I cut the coins the wrong size. So I ended up making my own pattern to finish this one, and it turned out just fine. Sometimes I just not good at following directions or staying within the lines! The finished quilt measures 48-inches x 67-inches.

front side of coin quiltI love Jennifer Paganelli‘s fabrics, you know her, of the Sis Boom fame. I love the colors in the Bell Bottoms collection, which make me feel like lounging on the beach with a book and a cocktail. I haven’t machine quilted very many of my own quilts, so for this one, I wanted to keep it simple with lines in the white sashing. I added a patchwork binding with the scraps.

coin quilt backing

I was so humbled when Jennifer actually noticed my quilt and gave it a shout out.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my favorite quilt. By the way, my etsy shop is also a sponsor in the festival so be sure to sign up to win some of the great giveaways being offered.

Quilt Festival Sponsor

I decided to enter as one of the sponsors for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, which is Oct. 9-16. I’m so excited to be able to participate in this festival as a sponsor!

I will be giving away one of the techie bags listed in my shop. I have four different colors, so I will let the winner choose which one they want.

Be sure to enter your favorite quilt into the festival in order to qualify for the many fabulous giveaways! I will to do another post this weekend about my favorite quilt. (I’m torn between this one and this one.) If you’re not a quilter, stop by the festival anyway and check out all the amazing quilts people are making.

My Favorite Quilt…

Ever since the announcement came out about the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I knew I wanted to participate. 

I spent the past several days trying to figure out which quilt to share with you. Besides the three quilt tops I have waiting to be quilted, I have been spending more time making other sewing projects, like bags and pillow covers and table linens and curtains, oh my. I had a light-bulb moment this afternoon, and realized which one it had to be. I hope it’s not too late to make my contribution to the festival!

Bittersweet Autumn Wallhanging

This is the Bittersweet Autumn quilt I made several years ago. Actually, I started it in 2002 when I took a class with Judy Hasheider, the designer of this pattern.  It took me about five years to finish. Yes, five years. (I get side-tracked easily!)

Bittersweet Branch

I pieced together each block right away. Next I cut out all the leaves from hand-dyed wool and fused them to the blocks. Then I started hand-sewing each leaf onto the block with a blanket stitch, on and off for the next several years.

Birch and Oak Leaves Block

Finally, in late 2007, I finished it!  And I love it! I would love to make another one with spring green leaves, which would be fun to share for the next quilt festival. But I need to be realistic about when I will have time for that project since, like many of you, I have a zillion other projects in the works.

Maple Leaves Block

In the meantime, I will continue to cherish this one.  I just haven’t settled on the right wall to hang it, so I carry it around the house, periodically draping it over the back of a different chair.