Back to School

After completing my first week back to school, I am excited to report that I am enjoying a new routine.

On a typical day, I wake up around 7:00 and pack lunches for us. Every other day, I work out for an hour. Then I make a little time to do some blogging and some work on my shop.

I usually have about an hour before I have to leave for class, so I take advantage of that small time to work on a sewing project. Soon I will probably be using that time for homework. I have to eat lunch on the drive to campus since both of my classes are mid-day, thus over the lunch hour.

In Photoshop class, we have just starting to play around in the software, which is the experimental photo above. I was clicking on different adjustments to see what would happen to this photo of my brother and sister.

I don’t have any drawing projects to share with you yet, but believe me when I tell you how much I have learned in just the first week of classes. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be submerged in a more creative life!

I try to squeeze in more sewing time before Dave gets home from work. Then I/we make dinner and catch up on each other’s days.

I don’t have any class on Fridays, so I might try to sleep in a little, which is hard for me, and then spend an hour cleaning the house. I might go out for lunch, pick up supplies, and spend the afternoon in the garden soaking up some fresh air or catching up on reading.

The best part about enjoying weekends these days is going to be no anxiety on Sunday evenings in anticipation of returning to the office on Monday morning. Hope you enjoy your weekend!