Guest Post: From Sisters Quilt Show

Today, I am thrilled to share a guest post with you. My friend Pattiann recently attended the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, and she really wanted to share this fabulous day with my friends and readers. Here is Pattiann:

– – – – –

I have been wanting to see the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show for a year and a half now since we moved to Bend, Oregon. I thought what the heck! I bravely asked my 19 year old Kimmy if she wanted a “mom daughter day” by going to a quilt show with me? I sat waiting for the “why do I have to go, and why do you want to drag me around looking at blankets hanging off of buildings?” She instantly surprised me with a big smile and, “YES I would love to go!”  I thought, “Great, let’s go before you change your mind!”

The traffic was a “tell-tail sign” of what lay ahead of us!

You just can’t miss the majestic Three Sisters Mountain range, “Faith, Hope and Charity,” named by early settlers.

Luckily, we found parking a few blocks away. When we arrived we noticed all these people standing around this object taking pictures.

Oh my goodness would you believe it’s a “Quilt Car!”  We laughed and exclaimed, “now that’s a dedicated quilter.”

1,300 quilts hung all over town, from porches, sides of buildings, trees, under tents, and quietly hanging in art galleries (even on a car)!  Kimmy and I were so in “awe” of all the wonderful talent in one place!

Closer detailed look of this quilt.

This quilt caught our eyes – look how small each square is.

As we snuck in closer, we learned that this quilt was inspired by a movie “Nanny McPhee.” (BTW, great kids’ movie if you haven’t seen it.)

All the quilts were tagged with what “inspired the quilter” to make their quilt. It was so fascinating to read how these quilters were inspired by their families, tragedy, funny events, etc. The inspirations were endless. While we were reading these, Kimmy told me she was starting to become inspired herself.  She started to come up with ideas for quilts “we are going to make together”  (uh oh, she has never wanted to sew before, and I felt a mother-daughter team developing)! We started to feed off of each other, coming up with ideas for our future quilts. We continued the rest of our day bantering back and forth with ideas for our future “quilts to be!” Now that’s what I call a mother-daughter moment – bonding at a quilt show at it’s finest!

Up close and personal with a turtle..what a quilt!

Kimmy and I stood back looking up at the side of this building. I wondered out loud “how the heck do they get these quilts up there?” From behind me a lady came forward and told us she’s been coming for many years and loves to come early and watch the local Fire Department hang them. She said it was neat to watch these big burly firefighters gently carry each quilt up the ladder in their arms and hang them with care on the buildings. Wow!

I just loved this quilt – very colorful and happy!

We found these two quilts in the Teachers’ tent.  Look closely, this quilt was a collection of clothing tags sewn on several dinner napkins!

This next quilt was so funny! Kimmy didn’t get it but I had to laugh. Also notice the yellow tag?  This quilt was for sale. I read later that one-third of the quilts were for sale and a small portion of the sale of each quilt went back to help support future quilt shows.

Kimmy and I were told by a volunteer earlier in the day to make sure we stop by the “Wish Upon a Card” silent card auction.  She told us these quilts were the size of post cards!  After lunch we made it our quest to find where this auction was taking place.

It was well worth the time, as it turned out to be my favorite stop of the day. Tiny postal sized quilts hung professionally framed in this art gallery. Next to each framed quilt was an auction bid sheet so you could bid on it. It was so tempting to make a bid, but I reluctantly passed. Later on I read more about the “Wish Upon a Card” program. It’s a fundraiser that provides funding for cancer support services to those who are unable to afford them. (You can find more information at It was envisioned by a Central Oregon quilter who passed away with cancer in 2006. Quilters donate their postal sized quilts to the show and a select few were selected to be professionally framed (free)  by a local art gallery for the auction and the proceeds go to the “Wish Upon a Card” program. I’m looking forward to returning next year and making a bid on one of these beauties – what a great cause!

If you ever get a chance to visit Central Oregon, remember this famous quilt show is always held the second Saturday in July in Sisters, Oregon!

– – – – –

Thanks so much, Pattiann, for letting me share your day! I hope I will be lucky enough to attend this fabulous quilt show someday.