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Spring and Then Winter

I was so excited when I found some tulips coming up already!

We’ve had an unusually mild winter this year, with less than half our average snowfall. These tulips came up about a month early, but I’m not complaining. I am ready for gardening season, especially since I wasn’t into it last year with my usual zest.

To my surprise, I was excited to wake up to a winter wonderland scene this morning!

I think about 4-5 inches of snow fell overnight.

It was falling in really huge fluffy snowflakes, coating every single branch and twig, making for great practice with my new camera.

What I really want to be able to do with my fancy camera is to take closeups of interesting things I find in our gardens and on the trails.

Until our flowers come back to life, I am practicing on other things throughout our yard, such as these conifer branches.

Such a beautiful scene looking out the windows today.

I will definitely be going back outside to play some more.

And Then the Sun Came Out

I try really hard not to complain about anything, especially winter weather.

I am so happy to report that the sun came out!

I love the shadows cast across the snowy yard.

I also love to follow the trails created by various wildlife, mainly rabbits, I suspect.

It’s very very cold out there today, but I’m going to venture out anyway. I have lots of homework to get done this weekend, so I hope the sun keeps pouring those rays into the house, especially warming my sewing room which has become my art studio too. I also look forward to working on a new page for my art journal.

Stay warm my northern friends, and cherish your sunshine and warmer temps, my southern friends.

Living in a Snowglobe

We’ve had so many snowy days lately that I’m starting to feel like we live in a snow globe.

Most days, we just had flurries.

But earlier this week, we had a big snow storm which dropped at least five inches.

Although it really freshened up everything,

I could really go for a day of sunshine now!

UPDATE: The sun has come out today! Thank you for all your wishes – they worked!

Snowed In

The Upper Midwest got dumped on this weekend! I’m guessing we got about 10 inches of snow so far.

Everything looks so beautiful, frosted in a thick layer of snow.

Now we have blizzard warnings because of the gusting winds and sub-zero temperatures.

The plow cleared our street and now there is a huge wall of snow at the end of our driveway. I’m sure it will take us awhile to clean off the driveway. Thanks goodness we have a snowblower! Good thing we went to the grocery store on Friday night instead of our usual Sunday morning field trip.

In the Ditch, Literally

We finally broke down and bought a new mattress last night. I can’t even tell you how old our current mattress is, so we are excited to have the new set delivered next week.

On the way home from the store, I was following Dave in my car since we met at the store, and he slid into the ditch! I didn’t see it happen because he was turning a corner while I was still approaching the corner. No damage and no injuries, but his car was just a tad too far into the ditch to back it out. So we came home, changed into our boots and winter clothes (ski clothes), and went back to get his car out ourselves, since he really didn’t want to pay for a tow truck. He tied a heavy duty rope to the rear axle of each car, and I slowly pulled him out with my Subaru.

While we were getting ready to do this, a Sheriff pulled up to see if we were okay. She waited to make sure we got out, or she was going to help us get a tow truck. I’m sure she was probably also checking to make sure we hadn’t been drinking.

It snowed a couple inches so the roads were slippery. It was quite nerve-wracking to me, not the sheriff part, but having to pull Dave’s car out of the ditch. I’m such a girl! Not a big deal in the end, just a little drama.

I hear we’re supposed to get another snow storm on Saturday (4 to 10 inches predicted), so I think we will be hibernating for most of the weekend. I will be finishing up some final homework projects, and if there’s time, squeeze in some sewing and baking. As you can see, I have some new fabrics calling my name, which made me feel better while telling this little story!

I Won the Snow Bet

Every year, sometime in October, we make a bet on when the first snow storm will arrive. The requirement is that the snow has to stick to the grass.

I guessed December 4. Guess what, today is December 4, and this is what we woke up to! Woo hoo! I should mention that there is no research or science to the guessing. Just close your eyes and pick a day.

There is no prize. It’s just a fun little game we play.

After we clean the snow off the driveway, I need to clean up the gardens a little. I see I forgot to put those mums in the compost pile. Then we are finally going to put up our Christmas decorations. Should be a festive day at our house! Hope you are having a festive day too.

Winter Blast

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in the upper Midwest during winter? Most people probably haven’t had that thought come to mind, but I’ll show you anyway. We woke up to this scene!

Our local news reported that the Madison area received 15 to 18 inches of snow. It was blowing too, making it hard to get an accurate measurement. You get the idea with this picture.

It took us awhile to dig out. (thank goodness for the snowblower)

Then the plow came by. (our mailbox is buried in there, really!)

The sun started to peak out late this afternoon, so now we can enjoy this winter wonderland.

Next up, blizzard winds and sub-zero temperatures for the next couple days! You will find me in my sewing room.

Not Ready Yet

We had a full day of snow last weekend, and now it’s snowing again.  We’re supposed to get several inches today, but I’m just not ready yet for a snowy winter.  Maybe it’s because we recently had a fabulous ten-day vacation in the City.  Maybe it’s because I’m recovering from a cold, so I don’t have the energy to shovel or play in the snow.

it's snowingI am starting to get excited for the Christmas season, for baking, decorating and giving.  We have started our Advent calendar and bought a pretty poinsettia for a centerpiece on the kitchen table.  I love the red and green colors that decorate this time of year.

I am also looking forward to seeing the blue lights illuminating our trees outside. I love how mystical blue lights look with the glistening white snow, especially at dusk when the world rests in a blue calm.

early snowDave, on the other hand, is quite excited for lots of snow because he got a new toy!

Dave unpacking his new toyHe’s never been a winter person, although since we met he does like going skiing and snowshoeing.

Dave's new toy!

Apparently now he’s ready for a big storm!

I hope you are enjoying the warmth and coziness of nestling in this time of year.