Mid-Week Progress

You know how we are always making lists of things to do to keep us focused? I was getting worried about my lack of progress this week on my to do list because of TV show distractions, songs and podcasts on iTunes to check out, and just general hanging out.

Then I remembered how quickly these wonky star blocks come together, so I managed to piece together a red version (which is technically more of a raspberry color) similar to my green star.

red wonky star blockJust needs to be sandwiched and quilted. I think this will look cool with my green mini quilt for the holiday season.

green wonky star mini

I do have the strips of fabric cut to make a table runner using Anina’s tutorial for Fall, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

fabric strips for table runnerThe best part of my mid-week progress is fixing these gloves. I know, it’s not very exciting, but I’ve never darned anything before, so I just winged it.

hole in my glovesThey are just basic gloves I bought for probably $10.00 at a department store several years ago, but they are fleece lined, making them warmer and more wind resistant than basic knit gloves. So I’m happy to be able to wear them again.

glove is fixed!

Well, now I actually feel like I’ve made some progress this week. Hope you are making progress too!