Hollow Tree

Remember the pictures I’ve shared over the years of this cool hollow tree on a hiking trail we love to go to?

the hollow treeI always love to hide inside the tree to pose for a picture.

me in my hollow treemy hollow treeme hiding in that hollow tree again!

We haven’t been on this trail for about two years, and we recently discovered that the tree collapsed. Here’s what’s left of it.

IMG_7340 IMG_7341Naturally, I still had to climb inside anyway.


This old tree was such a wonder to discover in the woods and watch it decay over the years. I’m sure it provided shelter and sanctuary to many critters. Hope you’re out finding treasures in your world too.


Free Time

Have you ever had something get cancelled, freeing up a big chunk of time in your day?

At first, you might think I was disappointed when I heard my web design class was cancelled yesterday.

But it gave me the entire day to myself, which meant an extra five hours of free time that I don’t normally have free on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After spending about 4-5 hours in the morning on homework projects, I treated myself to a trip to the library for a couple books my mom recommended.

And then I hit the trail! It was a warm sunny afternoon, lucky weather to have on a surprise a day off.

I hunkered down and got a lot done in the morning so I could go out and play in the afternoon. My message here is not new. Many others say it all the time: work hard and then seize the day!

Discovering a Different Woods

We spent our Saturday doing our usual routine – hiking in the woods and enjoying lunch at a pub.

There is a beautiful nature preserve right in the middle of our city.

I have to admit, I’ve only been there a couple times in all the years I’ve lived here.

Today we hiked through a pine forest, which was just beautiful.

Besides the peace and quiet you feel in the woods, I love to treat our hikes like a treasure hunt, noticing different smells, colors and shapes.

We are always on the lookout for fungus and moss, which grows in so many cool varieties, sizes, shapes, and shades.

Surprisingly, there are still lots of fall colors to be found.

The trail was completely carpeted in a variety of leaves, from brown oak leaves to bright yellow maple leaves.

Thank goodness the sun was shining because the temperatures were cool and it was windy out there.

I wish I could bottle up that tranquility the woods give me, and carry it with me everywhere I go!

The Woods Are Getting Bare

The woods are starting to look a little sparse these days, with many of the leaves fallen to the ground.

But it still feels good to be in the woods.

On a hike this time last year, my mom told me she appreciates trees when the leaves are all gone because you can see the architecture better. Such a cool way of looking at things.

I love to imagine what creatures are hiding out there, coming out only when all is quiet.

I love the earthy smells, the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet, the mystery of the hidden chirps in the undergrowth.

Even the woods are beautiful when they are bare. Hope you get a chance to soak up some fresh air this weekend too.


A great way to ring in the first of October was a hike on one of my favorite trails, especially on such a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, which kept us warm and cozy.

The temperatures were cooler in the woods, which were damp after a week of rain.

I always love the treasure hunt of being on a trail, admiring different leaf colors carpeting the ground.

This particular trail we take ends at the most charming warming cabin, which has an outhouse and campfire pit, nice amenities for the woods, especially when you’re snowshoeing or skiing.

The best part of this trail,

is getting to hide inside my hollow tree!

I thank Mother Nature for every opportunity I get to to spend time outside.

Definitely resets my soul for the upcoming week!

In the Woods

Another lucky Sunday spent in the woods!

This time, we decided to try a trail we haven’t been on in about 14 years, right smack in the middle of our local Arboretum.

It was just as fabulous as I remembered it, a thick woods with a heavy canopy and lots of ground cover, making for interesting scenery.

Talk about treasure hunting, in the woods, you would be amazed at what you can find!

Check out all these incredible little finds.

Always a great day when spent in the woods!

Update From the Trail

I love having Sundays off, especially when the weather is beautiful.

It’s becoming a routine for us to go hiking on Sundays. Some of you who know me well know how passionate I am about being on the trails, any trail, especially a hiking trail.

There are so many treasures to find this time of year.

My hubby spotted this cool pink flower, which reminded me of a caterpillar.

This time around, we noticed a lot of berries starting to ripen.

It was cool to study the variety of colors and ways berries grow in the wild.

We also came across some wildflowers, er maybe just weeds, that had interesting architecture.

I love seeing the progress of queen anne’s lace, from the buds opening,

to the delicate and lovely flowers.

We spied these gorgeous little purple flowers that reminded me of forget-me-nots.

Each time we go hiking, whether it’s on the same trail, or a different trail, it’s so fun to make a treasure hunt out of the adventure, noticing the eco system going on in the woods.

Art Cards – Weeks 32 and 33 – Changes

I’ve been changing courses quite a bit over the past few months, so that was my inspiration for last week’s art cards for week 32. You never know when your life might change course.

You can plan all you want, but there’s no predicting new and unanticipated directions that come up.

I’m learning the importance of being flexible and adapting to change, which made illustrating this set of cards more fun.

These cards seem a little more abstract than other illustrations I’ve done, which I like because it makes me feel like I’m not relying on being so literal.

* * * * *

For week 33, I was thinking about how to fit in all of the favorite things I like to do over the course of a day, a week, or a month.

I’m trying to find space on my bookshelves to fit everything into a 24-hour day, 7-day week.

I’ve was also reflecting on a recent adventure of hiking in the woods, always a great way to spend a day.

I have lots of things going on these days… or maybe I just have too many interests… nah!

Update From the Trail

We haven’t been hiking or on any trails in a few months, so it was a treat to have a free day this weekend for a hike.

We lucked out with such a gorgeous day of sunshine, mild temperatures, and a light breeze.

I love the feeling of being in the woods ecosystem, experiencing the different smells and sounds.

It’s fun to see the vegetation that grows along the trail. We saw lots of Queen Anne’s Lace, wild parsnip, and purple thistles. Seeing these wild black-eyed susan flowers made me wish I had planted these in our gardens. They bloom in summer when most of our other perennials are done for the season.

We also spied a yellow caterpillar, which I’ve never seen before. I’ve only seen the brown and black striped wooly bear caterpillars in Autumn.

Spending time on the trail is always a good boost for my soul, especially this time of year when my creativity tends to wane a bit.