Still 39

pink birthday cake

My family surprised me this weekend with an early birthday party.  We are going to New York City for my birthday and to visit Dave’s sister and brother-in-law.  They have lived in NYC for about ten years, and we just love visiting them and exploring the city.  So I can’t wait for the trip.  But since we will be out of town, my family was feeling a little left out of the partying, especially since this is a BIG one.

My mom likes to plan parties and she is really good at it from all her experience, so she helped my aunt Madelon plan a party at her apartment.  We had these wonderful bunwiches, which are ham and cheese sandwiches on buns, wrapped in foil and baked at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Terri and Mom

It was cool to see the whole gang there! We didn’t take pictures of everyone because, well, you know, most adults just don’t like to have their picture taken.

My cousin Wendy is an excellent baker, and she brought TWO cakes! One was a chocolate cake with pink frosting (which the little ones loved), and the second cake was a pumpkin praline layered cake.  YUM-O to both!

TWO birthday cakes

Dave liked the chocolate cake:

mmm- chocolate cake

I loved the pumpkin praline cake, which Wendy made from a Rachel Ray recipe.  Seriously, it was good!

mmm - pumpkin praline cake!

They even sang for me before I blew out FOUR candles (one for each decade, I guess).  Thanks family for a great party!  I have two weeks left to enjoy being 39, and then we’re off to New York to celebrate being 40.  I will write more on that particular topic as the big day approaches.  For now, let’s just enjoy looking at that number: 39.

PS: To all you bloggers out there: come back later this week.  I’ll be celebrating a milestone on this blog: my one year blogiversary and my 100th post.  You know what that means: giveaways!