Instagram Calendars

I’m excited to show you the awesome 2015 calendars I made over the weekend from the photos in my Instagram feed. I used a template from this post with a few tweaks.

One version features photos of my weekly fresh-cut flowers and a couple flowers from our garden.

IG calendar 2015 flower picsIG calendar 2015 flower pics

IG calendar 2015 flower picsThe other calendar version features scenes from our yard from each month. The exception is February, which will commemorate the one year anniversary of when we lost our Angel cat.
IG calendar 2015 backyard picsIG calendar 2015 backyard picsIG calendar 2015 backyard pics

They printed beautifully on my favorite cardstock Epson Premium Presentation Paper. I trimmed them to 5″ wide by 8.5″ high.

It was fun to look through the photos from 2014 and discover a couple themes. It was also a great reminder to keep taking more photos, especially highlighting the seasonal changes around here throughout the year. And to keep buying fresh-cut flowers each week.


Hand-Lettered Friday: You Are

I’ve been practicing my hand-lettering more lately, traditionally and with my digital drawing tablet, so I hoping to share hand-lettered pages from my sketchbook and computer on Fridays. My apologies for not posting this theme more regularly! I’ve been busy creating and designing and making art ;)

sketchbook page You Are

The prompt for this page was to write down words to describe your unique traits which can then serve as affirmations and reminders to appreciate who you are. I filled in the page with some of my favorite doodles: flourishes, swirls, leaves, flowers and butterflies. And then added random splashes of color.

Besides adding serifs and swirls to my letters, it was also fun illustrating my cursive writing.

Hope you enjoy a great weekend!


From My Sketchbook Pages: Streaks and Splatters

It’s been awhile since I had the time or inspiration to experiment in my mixed-media sketchbook. As usual, once I get going, I realize how much I miss this freedom to experiment, paint, draw and doodle with different media.

mark making streaks and splatters sketchbook streaks and splatters

I was inspired by Alisa Burke’s post on watercolor blooms. I don’t do abstract illustrations very often, so I thought this would be a good prompt to just make some streaks and splatters and see what the colors reveal.

Then I filled up the page with wildflower doodles using my favorite black pens. It’s amazing how different this page looks!

sketchbook wildflowers with pen

And now I have a fun new art print that I love! Note to self: do this more often.


Notes From the Trail

We squeezed in a little free time this past weekend to hike a trail not far from our house. I love these woods because they are full of very tall pine trees which are fun to walk through.arboretum trees arboretum trail

tree silhouette squirrel nest

tree lichen tree moss

pine cones on the trail tracks

It was great to be in the woods, soaking up fresh air, listening to the crunch under our hiking boots, and searching for treasures, from squirrel nests high up in the trees to lichen and moss on fallen tree trunks to pine cones and tracks on the trail.

Hope you found time to get some fresh air over the weekend too!


From My Sketchbook: Trail Treasures

I recently finished the Make Art That Sells course with Lilla Rogers, which was a five-week e-course that gives artists everything they need to know to make and sell commercially-viable art in the hottest markets, such as bolt fabric, home decor, children’s books, wall art, gift, and more.

The topic for this project was the gift market. Our first exercise was to gather the things we collect, so I gathered all the trail treasures I have been hoarding.

collection of trail treasures collection of bark collection of trail teasures collection of feathers collection of trail treasures collection of leaves

Then we had to draw our collections which just happens to be my favorite things to draw and illustrate, along with a few flourishes and swirls.





Then we had to arrange our collection of things into a hyper lush design for a zipper pouch. I used a couple previous pages from my sketchbooks for inspiration on layering and layout for my new design.

sketchbook forest floor drawingsketchbook painting forest floor

I’m so happy with how this design turned out!

trail treasures

I ended up experimenting with three color palettes and submitted the most hyper-lush (crazy bright) palette for the course project. But the color I’m showing here, which I call Frost, is my favorite. I’ve got plans for this new illustration, so stay tuned!

Trail Treasures collection in frost

Hope you’re on the look-out for things that inspire you and challenge you!


Patchwork Projects: Garden Party Quilt

I am so excited to show you my finished Garden Party quilt!

garden party quilt

A former quilting bee I used to belong to helped make some of the blocks using this tutorial for a “2.5 Times Around the Block” quilt block. I wish I could have made it a little bigger but my stash of the red mingling and ice mingling prints from the Garden Party fabrics designed by Anna Maria Horner was quite limited.

garden party quilt top

The backing is all about the turquoise centerpiece print!garden party quilt back

My friend Julie, a professional long-arm quilter, did a beautiful job quilting it.

garden party quilting

garden party quilt

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am with this quilt! I started making it about three years ago with a quilting bee I belonged to at the time, and it’s one of the few quilt finishes I’ve had in a looong time. Projects like this are one of the many reasons I love sewing and wanted to learn how to design fabric, sewing patterns and surface patterns.


Block: 2.5 Times Around the Block
Size: 42″ wide x 55″ high
Fabrics: Garden Party fabrics designed by Anna Maria Horner  

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