Thrifty Thursday – Christmas Salt and Pepper Shakers

More treasures from the thrift store:

I found another glass canister for storing coffee beans. These are hard to find so if they’re clean and in good condition, I usually buy it, especially when it’s only $1.20. I also found a little brandy snifter glass and a vintage slotted spoon, just because it was fancy looking.

I’ve always wanted a set of Christmas dishes so I was excited to find this porcelain salt and pepper shaker set. They are in great condition, clean and no chips, and only $1.20. It will be fun to have a mismatched set of Christmas dishes as I find more pieces.I spent less than $6.00 on these goodies and a couple cereal bowls that match my everyday dishes.

Thrifty Thursday – Outdoor Gear

The thrift store near my house had a sale on wilderness gear last week, which meant lots and lots of racks of outdoor gear and backpacks on sale.

I found an REI rain jacket for $30 which is regularly about $110 brand new.

I also found a black Marmot puffy jacket for $30 which is regularly $200 brand new in the stores.

And I found an REI fleece jacket on sale that I couldn’t resist.

I wondered if there was something wrong with these items, like a hole in the lining or pockets, but they are all in perfect condition.

I was so excited to come home with an armload full of deals!

Wildlife Wednesday – Bluejays

The bluejays have returned to my area lately. I love that they are easy to spot with their beautiful bright blue colors. And I love their loud squawking, which makes the squirrels nervous. Which makes me smile.

I’m always hoping one of them will be kind enough to drop one of their bright blue feathers in my yard for a keepsake. Happy hump day to you. Here’s to hoping you find time to get outside, breath in a big gulp of fresh air and slowly let it out with a sense of peace.

Take a Hike

My weekend feels complete when I get the chance to go hiking, one of my favorite things to do. We are about 50% at peak for our fall colors, which usually happens around the middle of October.I’m so grateful there is a hiking trail so close to my house. Hope you can get out there this season and see some autumn colors!

Thrifty Thursday

More treasures from the thrift store:

I found another silver tray – this one is about 8 inches wide. It’s great to have a smaller size than the more common dinner plate size.

I also found a couple more little Beatrix Potter books to add to my collection.

A unique glass canister for storing coffee beans.

And a unique, retro water glass just for fun.

I spent $4.25 and rounded up to $5.00 for charity.

Wildlife Wednesday – Pumpkin Eaters

More squirrel shenanigans to share with you today!

I read an article in the paper about putting a pumpkin out for the squirrels to munch on. I cut a hole in it and let them dig it out. It’s funny to watch them try to climb inside to get more seeds. I was hoping this would keep them away from the bird feeder but they still try to devour that too. They are a bit frantic this time of year, trying to fatten up for winter and store food.

Take a Hike – Poetry in the Woods

There’s a hiking trail not far from my house that I love to go to, especially in Fall.

The longest trail is about 3.1 miles and goes through a prairie, along a small lake where motor boats aren’t allowed (which keeps it clean and quiet), and through the woods. It’s actually one of my favorite local hikes!

Along the trail there are these wonderful signs with beautiful poetry printed on them.

I find them so intriguing and comforting while exploring these trails. It would be so fun to set up something like this in my own backyard!

Thrifty Thursday – More Silver

I’ve been getting into thrift shopping lately, especially since there’s a great thrift store close to my house. Here are a few more of my recent finds:

I’m always on the hunt for vintage silver items. I found these poached egg cups which are exactly like the cups we used to have when I was a kid in the 1970s! And these lovely silver and black coasters – love that scroll work design in the center. I’ve been searching for a long-handled spoon for cocktails or ice cream treats and finally found one.

I’ve never been a good bargain shopper so it’s been fun lately to learn how to search for thrifty and vintage treasures for everyday use. I only spent $2.00 on these goodies, which included rounding up to the nearest dollar for charity.

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