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Sketchbook Project – A Pencil Rendering

For my Drawing for Illustration class, we have been working on a project called the Sketchbook Project. We could pick a subject we were passionate about, and use that for inspiration. I chose skiing and hiking for my subject.

At each class, we have to bring five thumbnail sketches (3 inch squares) to class. Our instructor gives us comments and direction, and helps us pick a sketch to work on for a larger composition. Our first formal rendering was using graphite pencils.

The point of these sketches is to get the idea onto paper, to tell a story. Then we work on the technical drawing skills in the larger composition. I will be honest with you, it’s hard to do the smaller sketches and the larger composition. It’s even harder to show these sketches to anyone!

Here is my inspiration photo, which was an ad at the back of a magazine.

Here is my tiny (3-inch square) thumbnail sketch.

Here is one of my rough sketches, which I ended up changing the composition.

Here is my final pencil rendering, which I’m looking forward to framing to preserve.

Our second formal rendering was a similar process using pen and ink, which meant NO erasing. Aahh, sounds scary, I know! It was actually more fun than I thought it would be, especially with a lot of practice. I will show you that piece soon.

My Year in Review

It’s great to have a blog to be able to look back on how I spent the past year. Here are my highlights from 2010. (note: I’m choosing to ignore the low points!) I finished a couple quilts.

completed Mod Girls quilt

completed Darla quilt

I started a couple more quilts.

(my chocolate lollipop Road to Spring quilt top)

(my Pop Garden quilt top)

I joined my first quilting bee. I went on my first quilting retreat. Had the time of my life! I shared a few tutorials. I made lots of great new friendships this year that I cherish, so I hope we continue to stay connected. We did a little travel to Las Vegas and New York City.

(Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!)

(Radio City Music Hall)

I went to a few rock concerts. I experimented with lots and lots of new bag designs. I shared a series of Best Practices. We enjoyed our gardens. We enjoyed the farmers market. I spent some time at my parents’ cottage. I organized a Christmas in July ornament exchange. I am happy my etsy shop was more active. (By the way, did you know I started advertising on a couple blogs? I looking for a couple more to try.) I made lots of custom orders, which are always fun to do. They are challenging and so fulfilling! (still have a couple more to finish) I entered my first craft show. I squeezed in a little hiking and a little skiing.

(trail at Peninsula State Park)

(riding the chair lift at Tyrol Basin)

I lost a total of 22 pounds! I quit my corporate job! Scary and freeing in the same breath! I went back to school! So far, I’ve taken a design class, a drawing class and a computer graphics class. Looking back at the amazing variety I experienced this past year makes me feel like one lucky girl! I am excited to continue to move forward, so cheers to a Happy New Year!