Field Trip to Chicago

On Friday, I took a bus trip to Chicago with my graphic design program.

Not only was it great to spend the day with my creative buddies, it was also great fun bumming around Chicago, shopping and seeing the sights.

We started out with a tour of Evantson Print & Paper, a letterpress and screen printing shop. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a letterpress in action. How cool to get to see it in action.

The owners let us take turns trying out the letterpress. First up, ink the type.

Then, guide the paper through the roller. Can you tell how cool I thought this was?!

Then, admire your finished piece!

We made a stop at The Paper Source, a fun stationery store. After lunch, we stopped at Posh, a cool thrift store full of European vintage.

How could a group of art students resist going into a Blicks!

We ended our day at the Art Institute of Chicago.

What an amazing place! We toured the Soviet Union war poster exhibition, the Impressionists, the American Art, and a fabulous series of illustrated alphabets. The highlight for me was getting to see a couple pieces by my favorite artist, Mary Cassatt.

I cam home with a loot full of goodies, including a vintage NYC map that we’re going to frame and hang in our guest room, a fabulously-designed paper calendar for inspiration, a set of tags for more inspiration, a set of inktense pencils, and just a few sketchbooks!

Not only did it feel good to spend the day with my creative friends, but I came home with revived inspiration and reinforcement that I can’t wait to resume taking classes again in January. One of the best days I’ve had in a long time!