A Girls’ Day Out

My mom and I had a girls’ day out earlier this week.

Our first stop was Utrecht Art Supply, a national chain full of every art supply a professional, amateur or student could ever need. I didn’t buy a lot because I’m waiting to get my supply list for the upcoming semester of design classes. But I thought this pad of disposable palette paper looked fun to try. It’s specially treated heavy paper, like really thick wax paper, you can put any media on, mix it up, water it down, and then throw away the paper, saving yourself the clean up mess.

We headed to the historic Third Ward, known as the new art and fashion district. We started with Broadway Paper, a stationery store full of greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, gift wrap, stationery, and gifts. It had everything I was hoping for, and reminded me of the Paper Source in Chicago, so I will definitely go back again. I bought this cool letter set, which included a great selection of vintage-style papers, airmail paper and envelopes, graph paper, ledger paper, and stickers. I am hoping to use these supplies in some handmade books I want to try making this year.

I also picked up this great magazine Anthology that can be hard to find in my neighborhood. It’s always full of interesting articles about creative people from all over the world, featuring home decor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture. This particular issue has an excellent article with Lotta Jansdotter!

We had lunch with my mom’s friends, which is always great fun! We ate well, had great conversation, and shared our goals for 2012. I brought my homemade caramels for a hostess gift, which were a hit.

After a little window-shopping at a couple more boutiques, we stopped by the yacht club for a cocktail. My husband and I got married there ten years ago, so it’s always fun to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. Plus, they make the best mojitos!

I’m so happy we were able to spend another great day together, so I’m adding this to my list for 2012, to have a girls’ day out with my mom every month.

I Still Love To Sew

I miss sewing! With all the design and illustration classes I have going on these days, I have FIVE projects due this week.

I’ve had to spend almost all of my free time working on homework.

But I managed to sneak in a little sewing.

I made these sets of zipper bags and wallets to hold some of my art supplies, especially my favorite fine-tip and brush-tip markers. What better fabric than the paint-by-number prints from the Lush collection by Erin Michael to carry art supplies in.

I should mention that I used the pattern from my Simple Makeup Bag tutorial for these zipper pouches. The pattern for the wallet is a new idea I’ve been working on.

I like to use index cards when brainstorming ideas, so I thought it would be fun to have some artsy wallets to store my cards inside.

I hope you haven’t given up on my sewing!

I still dream of sitting at my sewing machine for hours in the evenings, working away on another experiment or figuring out how to bring a new inspiration to life.

My First Class

For those of you artists out there, you would probably have enjoyed my first day of design class.  

design textbook

Besides the usual things like introducing ourselves, going over the syllabus and schedule, the best part was going over the supply list! I have never had an art class before so most of the supplies were new to me.  I went shopping today for a Bristol pad, 2H and B and 2B pencils, a kneaded eraser, Sharpies (I know what those are!), tech pens, a plastic E ruler, a right-angled square, a T-square, French curves, a circle template, and the list goes on.

design class supplies

I didn’t start out the first class on the right foot, though.  I left work one hour before class started, thinking that would be enough time to travel about 18 miles to class.  One hour and ten minutes later, I was walking into class, ten minutes late! Luckily, my teacher was very understanding of the nasty traffic, especially during that snowy rush-hour. Whew, I hope the snow holds off another day so I’m not late again.  Now if I could just figure out how to use all these supplies.