Custom Orders Kept Me Busy

I managed to keep quite busy over the semester break making several custom orders for my shop. What a relief to have them officially completed and in the mail!

I received a custom order from a customer to make a set of patchwork chair pads for her daughter’s room.

She wanted fabrics from Amy Butler’s Love collection to coordinate with the rest of her decor. I really loved working with these fabrics, both the quilting cotton and home dec weight. I especially loved the home dec fabrics – they have such a soft and fabulously supple feel.

She wanted wide, long ribbon ties so she could have big bows at the backs of the chairs. She also wanted these cushions to be thick, so I used the thickest padding I could find that my sewing machine could handle. It was like sewing through a pillow!

The fun part about this project was imagining what these pads would look like on those little chairs. When we were kids, we had the infamous kids’ table. But ours was painted a bright lime green color, which we loved! It was fun to put together puzzles or have a tea party at that table. This project really made me feel nostalgic!

When I gave you a preview of some new products I made for my shop, my friend Michelle requested a twin version of my star bling handbag.

I made a few improvements to Michelle’s version, such as longer straps (from 22 inches to 30 inches) and moved up the ribbons on the corner so they aren’t so close to the dart.

Michelle asked for a small coin purse to go with her new bag, so I whipped up this little experiment.

How fun knowing we will have twin purses. How fun knowing someone in another country actually wanted to carry a bag just like mine. Silly girls!

My cousin Linda requested a similar bag, but without the bling, and in a size that would fit her MacBook Air computer. For a request for a specific size, I like make a mock-up in cardboard to make sure the dimensions will work for the client’s specifications.

From that same preview, I received a request from Cindy to make her an artist tote.

Her only specification was an orange lining. How fun to use this fabulous print from the fabulous Innocent Crush collection as my inspiration. Then I pulled warm, fun colors from my stash to create the crazy patch block for the front.

I also used the coolest heather grey suiting fabric for the back, gusset and strap.

I enjoy custom orders because they are challenging to work on, but I always worry about satisfying the customer’s expectations. Hope these goodies are well loved!

Artist’s Tote

I have never had the opportunity to visit an Anthropologie store.  I think there might be a new one in the Madison area but I’m not sure where.  I am purposefully avoiding finding it because I have a feeling I could spend too much money there.

I received a catalog this week, and just browsed through it.  When I got to this page, I was so drawn to these Artist Totes.

Front of Artist Tote

I put the catalog away for a day, but kept thinking about those unique totes.  I am one of those people who usually carries two bags – one is a purse and the other is a tote bag because my purse isn’t big enough for other stuff like my journal or sketchbook.  I don’t really like carrying two bags, but I’m not very good at purse shopping and never buy a big enough one.

Back of Artist Tote

I came home to find a package on my doorstep – my new tote! At first I was a little surprised at how big this tote is, but after carrying it around the house, I am beginning to love how big it is, big enough to carry my purse, notebook, camera, snack, even my laptop. I also love that it has two leather handles but also a shoulder strap.

Now I need to remember to recycle any future Anthropologie catalogs to eliminate further temptation.