DIY Basket Liners

Every year, we fill baskets hanging on our backyard fence with a coco moss liner and a few plants. They look so welcoming on the gates to get into our backyard.

September gate basket

IMG_1045After a rough winter and birds picking away at the moss liners for supplies to build their nests, the liners from last summer were falling apart. We couldn’t find the right size liners at the garden stores this spring, so we decided to make our own. We found burlaps sacks for $1.00 at the home improvement store.

burlap sackWe pressed the sack inside the basket and poured dirt inside to help the sack form the shape of the basket. Then we filled the baskets with geraniums, climbing petunias and a fine fern.

new Garden gate basket

We trimmed up the burlap sack so there wasn’t so much excess hanging down, and tucked in a few corners.

new garden gate basket

It was fun to figure out a new way to fill these hanging baskets on a budget by repurposing burlap sacks. Coco moss liners can be expensive so we are loving these new liners.

Happy gardening!



New Organizer Baskets

I love to make baskets, buckets and bins to store stuff in.

Recently, I came across this tutorial for an organizer basket which ends up measuring 2 inches high by 9-1/2 inches long. What a fun shape! I’m using one of them to hold my headphones and charger cord, and the other one to hold drawing pencils and pens. If you’re looking for a quick, functional sewing project, this one is quite satisfying to whip up in an hour.