Simple Sewing Projects

I finally got around to making a couple projects from Amy Karol’s new book Bend the Rules Sewing. I love her website and I fell in love with her book as soon as it came out. I’m not a beginning sewer, but there were so many helpful tips in the beginning section. I loved the tip of using cotton flannel instead of heavyweight interfacing, especially for these simple-structure projects.

The first project I made was the Artsy Clutch, which is the perfect size handbag when running out the door for coffee or to a movie. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, and the illustrations made this piece go together in minutes, literally!

Artsy Clutch

Here is the subtle lining fabric and the fancy button my husband helped me pick out!

Lining of Clutch

The next project I made was the No-Cash Wallet, which was also very easy. Again, simple instructions and wonderful illustrations to guide you along the right track.

No-Cash Wallet

I used the same lining inside the wallet for the lining and the pockets. Next time, I would choose a different fabric for the inside pockets so there would be more color contrast next to the lining. But I still like it!

Clutch and wallet

The clutch and wallet, along with a book or magazine, fit nicely into this fabric tote bag, which I made up on my own. (Once I figure out which fabric I used for these three projects, I will amend this post. I just can’t remember right now, darn it.)

Tote Bag

The next project I’m looking forward to making from Amy’s sewing book is the mixy matchy napkin set, using Heather Bailey’s fabric Freshcuts.