Wildlife Wednesday – Camouflaged Bunny

I love noticing the camouflage of the wildlife in my backyard, forcing me to do a double-take to confirm what I think I saw.

The bunnies love hiding out in that exact same spot all the time. And they seem to blend in no matter what time of year it is but especially now with the fallen leaves all different colors.

Wildlife Wednesday

I don’t see bunnies too often throughout the day in my backyard, since they are more active at dawn and dusk. I’m not sure if this bunny saw me sitting at the patio table right next to him/her, or if he just didn’t care I was there. It was great to witness him eating a weed! If only they would eat more weeds and less plants I actually paid for, like the tulips starting to come up in spring and the coneflowers I’m trying to get to spread throughout the flower gardens.