Cutting Into It

I can’t believe I am cutting into my chocolate lollipop fabric stash again.  These are some of my favorite fabrics so I have been saving/cherishing them.  I made a few things last year, including a set of pillow covers, a purse, a lunch bag with a vinyl lining, and a market bag.  This weekend, I pulled out a pile of scraps and made this zippered bag.

chocolate lollipop bagI love how it turned out!  It’s so girly and fun.  I even got a compliment the other night from my design teacher. (Thanks, Lisa!)

front side of choc loll bag

Here’s a shot of the inside, where I added a little pocket:

inside of choc loll bagI added a handle which clips to the zipper pull on a key ring. 

the handle

This bag was even more fun than the last one I made because I winged it more with this one. I didn’t follow one set pattern but instead made my own shape and size (8 inches X 9 inches), and added a few features I wanted in one bag. I am working on a couple fabric yo-yos to embellish the front.

Here’s a preview of what I’m working on next:

layout of chocolate lollipop quiltMore cutting into the chocolate lollipop stash! I’m not following anyone else’s pattern on this one either, nor following any quilting rules or guidelines.  Just piecing the way I feel like it.

I’m thinking about adding pink sashing in between each row, and I am planning to add light pink and dark pink borders around the patchwork.  It’s going to be a very girly quilt, exactly what I want it to be!  I’m so glad I finally cut into my stash to make a few more treasures.

Whimsical Projects

I took a personal day off from work last Friday after New Year’s, and enjoyed it so much! The sun was shining, lifting my spirits and providing wonderful natural light.  As a part of my resolution, I was quite focused and productive in my sewing workshop.

I started out with these adorable pin cushions made from none other than my favorite – chocolate lollipop fabrics. They have embellished felt leaves for a base.

Chocolate Lollipop Pin cushionsI used Kathy’s pattern featured on the cover of this issue of Sew Simple Volume 11 to make these.  She’s that great designer from Pink Chalk Studio.  This pattern was quite similar to making a fabric yo-yo but then you stuff it and embellish to your heart’s desire. Very easy and fun to make.

Next up are my sweet cottages made from three collections of fabric by Anna Maria Horner.

Three AMH CottagesI used Linda’s pattern featured in that same issue of the Sew Simple magazine.  Aren’t they sweet?  I just love them! The pattern was easy and these are my three favorite collections of fabric (Bohemian, Chocolate Lollipop and Garden Party).  It’s about time I start cutting into them, after spending a year hoarding, I mean admiring these precious fabrics on my shelves!

Finally, the grandest of all projects for the day – my new pin cushion caddy!

Pin Cushion Caddy in Garden Party…applause applause…  (thank you thank you)

I used Anna Maria’s pattern from her most wonderful Seams To Me book.  I have been admiring this project ever since a signed copy of the book arrived on my doorstep a couple months ago, but for some reason, I was a little intimidated.  No need for that cuz the pattern was easy to follow and fun to make.  I used big pieces of Garden Party fabrics that came in my scrap bag order.

Having an entire day to sew makes me giddy!  Now I’m off to cut fabric for the next line-up of projects – a few quilts. Thanks for stopping by today.