Garden Update – Early June

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve done a garden update.

Since it’s early June, I thought it would be fun to share what’s been growing around here.

We have quite a few rose shrubs around here that seem to be doing better and better each year, meaning more blooms. Luckily, roses are easy to grow and require little maintenance.

Our clematis continues to amaze me with that bright blue-violet color and star shape.

We’ve lucked out with warm gardening weather about a month earlier than normal, which has been very nice. That means some of the flowers that usually bloom in early July are starting to open now, like our coneflowers, one of my favorites.

My favorite part of our garden is the entrance gate to our fence on both sides of the house. I love how this hanging basket looks, so charming and inviting. I’m so happy we planted them this year because last year we were too lazy.

Hope you’re out enjoying the summer beauty too. Thanks for stopping by!

Garden Update – More Purples and Pinks Too

Anyone up for another garden update? More shades of purple this time. Hope that’s okay with you non-purple lovers! There’s a bright pink teaser towards the end, so stick with me.

I love it when the alliums bloom. We have a little forest of them along our back fence line. They are the giant puff ball queens of the garden. One flower can measure up to 10 inches around!

We have two kinds of irises throughout our gardens, including these traditional bearded iris,

and clusters of Siberian iris, both gorgeous.

I found a couple big beautiful blooms on our clematis plant. I am always surprised at how big they get – about as big as my hand!

I also love having columbine flowers in our gardens because they are so delicate looking, and they make me miss living in Colorado where they are the state flower.

Our dwarf lilac bush is blooming beautifully! It’s been limping along for a couple years.

Now, on to our pink update. We have a row of wegelia shrubs on one side of our backyard patio which provide a nice hedge of privacy. They have been filling out nicely with these little flowers.

The peonies are starting to open! Aren’t they magnificent?

This is the first year our light pink peonies have bloomed since we planted them about five years ago. Didn’t think they were going to make it, and now they are amazing.

Always wonderful to find such an abundance of blossoms in our gardens throughout spring and summer!


I am hitting the road this weekend for my first quilting retreat which is at Gruber’sQuilt Shop in St. Cloud, MN (yes, it will be a six-hour drive!). I thought it might be nice to leave you with some garden updates until I return. We’ve had some bizarre weather around here lately – cold temperatures (60s), then five days of dreary overcast mist and rain, now it’s hot and humid! It’s hard to keep up with our yard in between all that.

Our beautiful lilies opened this week. I sure wish we had more of these lovelies!

Our clematis is doing very well this year too.

Finally, our daylilies have started to bloom. We received a whole bunch of these from my mom a couple years ago, so I should have more colors to share in the weeks ahead.

Enjoy this fine summer weekend, my friends! I hope to come back with pictures and stories from a weekend of quilting, shopping, eating and visiting.

– – – – –

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