Silhouettes and Final Still Life

Earlier this week, I felt like I forgot how to do all my homework, after being out of town last weekend. I was a little lost in the beginning of my classes, but after a few minutes, it all came back to me.

I had to work on a couple of drawings in the evenings for my drawing class.

We moved from drawing the folds of drapery to drawing silhouettes. Aah = hard!

I found a dried floral arrangement in our basement similar to the objects we used in class this week. (Hmm, wonder how long it’s been down there, and why it’s still there because I really hate it!) It was a good subject to use at home for this practice exercise.

Working on these highlight and shadow exercises is like drawing in reverse. Lay down the charcoal and erase away the sillouette and highlights of the object. I never thought I would be drawing with an eraser, which is actually kinda like painting.

Our final charcoal composition included a silhouette of flowers and various other objects.

Next up, I hear we are going to learn how to draw perspective. Yay, I’m so excited the creative adventure continues!

While I really love drawing now (something I’ve always wanted to learn), I’m hoping to get back to my sewing room this weekend… sigh.