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Postcard Series: Give Thanks, Be Thankful

In between working on my weekly sketchbook pages of animal art illustrations, and trying to create something everyday, I’m also having fun practicing hand lettering combined with watercolor wreaths. I turned these watercolor postcard paintings into new notecards in my Etsy shop.

Give Thanks paintingBe Thankful paintingThanksgiving wreaths paintingsThanksgiving notecardsDrawing all the time makes me happy, so Practice Practice Practice has been my motto this year. It’s also great to be able to add new products to my etsy shop based on my drawings and watercolor paintings.


Notes From the Weekend: Yellow Leaves

It was a great fall weekend full of cool weather, a fire in the fireplace, soup for lunch, football games and raking leaves. fallen leaves

Many of the leaves on our trees that change to yellow in autumn are changing and falling.

leaves changing colors

Raking is always hard work but it’s a great excuse to get outside when the temps are cool.

raking leaves tree hugger shoes

fall leaves on the deck

Soon the oranges and reds will take over the landscapes.

red leaves

Hope you were able to get out into the wild and enjoy this fall season!



It’s Fall At the Market

There’s always lots of cheese and bakery at the farmers market from spring to fall, but I love seeing the variety of flowers and produce, especially as the crops change through the seasons. This time of year, the flowers and bouquets are so vibrant! And the harvest crops produce fun shapes, colors and textures.

sunflowers at the market flowers at the market

bouquets at the market bouquets at the market bouquets at the market cockscomb flowers at the market

celosia intenz at the market tomatoes at the market

mini pumpkins at the market indian corn at the market gourds at the marketHope you enjoyed some adventures this weekend.



Back on the Trails

When Fall weather arrives, we are ready to hit the trails. Another one of my favorite things to do is to go hiking.

trail in September

I love treasure hunting for artifacts on the trails and in the woods.

oak leaves and acorns on the trail

It’s especially fun to find hidden critters.

chipmunk hiding

I think it’s magical to see all the different textures, colors and shapes hidden in plain sight in the woods.

Queen Annes Lace closed

Queen Annes Lace opening

Queen Annes Lace

Queen Annes LaceI love to take notice of how the same plants create different textures, shapes and colors as they mature.

wild sunflower opening wild sunflowerWe also noticed a few different types of ferns in these woods.


fern fernNot only were the exercise and fresh air good for the soul, but all this photo reference will be great for filling up my sketchbook with more illustrations.





Fall Favorites

I have never met a person who didn’t like Fall. Except maybe my husband, who doesn’t like what comes after fall.

burgundy mums

There are so many wonderful things about Fall:

Warm sunshine and crisp temperatures

Hiking trails

Finding acorns and other treasures in the woods

Pumpkin spiced lattes

Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin-flavored anything

Carving pumpkins

Decorating our house with colorful, weirdly shaped gourds

Sweet potatoes and acorn squash

Soup cooking all day in the crock pot

Caramel apples

Apple crisp

Changing leaves

Leaves (already) raked into a pile

Mums and asters

Layering with long-sleeved shirts and cardigans

Wearing wool socks

golden mums

What are your Fall favorites?



We went to Oktoberfest this weekend at a local brewery. I like their beer but I’ve never been to their brewery, so this was a perfect opportunity to see this charming, historic Swiss town.

Oktoberfest in New Glarus

Their Staghorn beer, the name for their October variety, was quite tasty, especially in the commemorative mugs. Amber beers are my favorites, so I will definitely have to buy some of this to have at home. It was extra fun hanging out with one of my longest-lasting friends, Nancy and her hubby and more friends.

Nancy and I at Oktoberfest

After a couple alpenhorns sounded to kick off the festival, we enjoyed huge pretzels, brats, people-watching, seeing traditional German and Bavarian lederhosen and dirndl costumes, and live music until the wee hours. We even participated in the tapping of the keg, where you hold up your glass to get some fresh beer poured straight from a wooden keg. Mmm.

beer and pretzel

The last time I went to an Oktoberfest festival was a few years ago in Vail when we lived in Colorado, so I’ve been wanting to try a festival around here.  Definitely a blast.

Thanks for stopping by!


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