Field Notes: Late Summer at the Farmers Market

Seen at our farmers market these days: Peppers, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, and the most vibrant colors of flowersIMG_1514 tomatoes and peppers at farmers marketchili pepper strings at farmers market

fingerling potatoes

late August flowers at farmers market

stunning bouquet at farmers market

flowers at farmers market

Of course, there’s always a usual huge selection of cheese, popcorn, honey and bakery to drool over too. But I’m usually attracted to the flowers – I want all of them but I never buy any; just take lots of pictures. Hope you’re out enjoying these last couple weeks of summer!


Field Notes: Weekend at the Lake

I just spent a fabulous weekend at my parents’ house on Lake Michigan. It was chock-full of eating, shopping and adventures. The weather was nice so we could took the boat out for some sightseeing from the water and swimming, even though the water was breathtakingly cold.beach view at the beachsandals on the beach coneflower pathwaymonarch butterfly frittilary butterfly

boat ridehouse from the water door county bluffs

door county ice cream factory ice cream quilt little sister bay sunset sister bay sunsetWe used to spend a lot of time playing and exploring on Lake Michigan when we were kids, so I always miss it since it’s the closest thing to an ocean around here. Hope you’re out enjoying these last few weeks of summer!



Field Notes: Sunflower Farm

We recently visited a local farm that plants a field of sunflowers. It was one of the most amazing sights I’ve even seen!rows of sunflowers

Sunflower Days are August 1-9, when the entire field opens. The farm is open from sunrise to sunset for the public to come see these majestic beauties shine.huge sunflower

tall sunflowers facing the sun following the sun dreamy sunflower sunflowers unopened sunflower sunflowers everywhere

tall sunflowers

sunflower sign

I’ve always wanted to see a field of sunflowers, so I’m happy we finally went on this adventure.


Field Notes: Summer On the Bike Trail

We have a great bike trail near our house, so it’s become a new routine to go for a long bike ride on Sundays when we’re in town and the weather is nice. We also like to turn it into a field day of identifying all the wildflowers, birds and bugs along the way.
bike riding the trail

bike trail

We found milk thistle, wild phlox, pasture rose, ox-eye daisies, common milkweed, golden alexander, queen anne’s lace, a big ole feather, lots of bees, chipmunks, red admiral butterflies, cabbage white butterflies, cardinals and red-winged blackbirds.trail scenic views

Field Notes-Trail Collage1

queen annes lacetrail wildflowersField Notes-Trail Collage2trail feather


It’s always a fun day on the trails! Hope you’re making time to go outside and enjoy summer.


Field Notes: First Farmers Market in July

The first farmers market of July was a fun way to start our Saturday – full of people of all colors, sizes and shapes; bakery, produce, plants and flowers. We usually have more fun people-watching the crowds and bringing home pictures. It’s always refreshing to see buckets and buckets of bouquets!farmers market flowers

farmers market flower bouquets

farmers market buckets of flowers

farmers market buckets of flowers farmers market  red dahlias farmers market pink dahliasfarmers market lilyfarmers market donutOh yeah, and a donut for Dave!

Hope you’re making time to go outside and enjoy summer!



Field Notes: July Backyard Blooms

July is the time of year when everything seems to go wild in our gardens. The roses and other perennials will continue blooming for throughout the month, our butterfly garden looks crazy and overgrown, which we love, and the lilies start to bloom together like a choir.backyard coneflowers

coneflower gardenbutterfly garden backyard red bee balm

backyard blooms

lily collagebackyard roses

Hope you’re making time to go outside and enjoy summer!