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Flannel in July

I bought this luscious stack of Folksy Flannel recently, and I thought it would be a fun day to share it with you, since it’s supposed to about hot around here. Doesn’t this stack of colors just scream, “Terri”?!

I am planning to make a simple patchwork quilt with these lovely fabrics. As I write this, I realized that I should probably stock up on some yardage for the backing if I can still find this collection in the shops. They are so buttery soft that it’s a must to use them for the back of the quilt.

I read that it’s more important to pre-wash flannel fabrics before using them in a quilting project because they have the potential to shrink more than quilting cotton. I don’t pre-wash my fabrics, but I am going to wash these first before cutting into them. That will have to wait since I’m still working on the piles of laundry from our weekend house guests.