A Zig and A Zag

I am doing a zig-zag dance here, and I would love to show you why – the new quilt top I just finished piecing!

Angel on my zig-zag quiltI was trying to take a picture of this quilt top on the kitchen floor, but Angel was frisky, so I had to take it outside. Much better natural lighting anyway.

Zig-Zag quilt on patioI love this quilt so much that I want to dance around the house wrapped up in it! I love the Good Folks fabrics, of course, but I really love the way the colors of each stripe blend together, almost giving it movement like a rainbow of waves. I’ve never made a quilt top like this, so it was fun to make something different. I would highly recommend this one.

It’s not completely ironed yet, but it measures 51 inches by 64 inches. Here are the two fabrics I’m going to piece together for the backing, mainly because those are the only large pieces I have in my stash from the Good Folks collection.

zigzag backing fabrics

I am excited to do my own machine quilting on this one too! I’m planning to follow the zig and the zag with quilting lines, which should be easy enough for a beginning machine quilter like me. Can’t wait to show you the finished project!