Notes From the Garden: Indoor Gardening

I always love visiting the greenhouse where my mom the greenhouse at the greenhouse

She’s been nurturing poinsettias lately to get them ready for the holiday season. They have tables after tables, rooms after rooms of them!poinsettias at the greenhouse poinsettias at the greenhouseWe had fun bringing home a few houseplants, including a palm tree which will live in our family room.

new palm tree

We brought home a terrarium which will live on our kitchen table. I also brought home an ivy to live in my office. It’s amazing what a difference a few plants can make throughout our house. It just makes me feel happier!terrarium

ivy houseplant

We haven’t had any houseplants since we adopted cats 12 years ago because one of them used to dig in the dirt. So far, so good, she hasn’t paid much interest to the new palm tree.

I’m looking forward to filling the house with more greenery once these new plants get settled in their new spots. It feels like the perfect time since all the leaves are dropping outside and plants are going dormant for the cold, darker winter months ahead.