Team Building

Earlier this week, my boss sent an invitation to my team at work for a “team building” meeting on Friday afternoon. My first thought was dread! I hate team building activities. I looked closer at the invitation, and noticed that the meeting was to be held at the Memorial Union , which is an outdoor terrace on one of the lakes. It’s really a great setting for hanging out and people watching. That meant we were going to leave the office early and sit at the student union to have a few “beverages.”

Dan's sailboat Catrina

After a couple hours of chillaxing, our festivities seemed to be winding down and everyone was thinking about heading home for the evening. One of my coworkers suggested we go sailing on his sailboat. Hmm, sure, why not!

sunset sail

It turned out to be a beautiful evening to be on the water.

sunset over Lake MendotaI guess our team building meeting was worthwhile after all.