Line Drawing Illustrations

One of my favorite illustration projects so far this semester was to create two montages of line drawings with minimal amounts of spot color. The lines were supposed to be different weights using pen or markers. I usually draw things in pencil first, so it was fun to go over my drawings with different thicknesses of markers. I’m also usually working on realistic drawings, so I liked being more spontaneous with this project.

We had to include a person, a building, and an object in each illustration, and the series was supposed to be centered around a theme. My theme was the State Parks.

I scanned my drawings, re-colored the lines digitally, added spots of color, and arranged them into a collage/montage.

My concept was a t-shirt graphic for a trail restoration event or a poster at a visitor center, so here’s what these illustrations might look like on t-shirts. Pretty cool, in my opinion!

I love the idea of using line drawings from sketchbook doodles, and changing the lines to a color other than black. This made me want to fill up a sketchbook with lots of line drawings centered around themes, so I’m adding this to my list of things to do in 2013.

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