Recap of My Trip to Mars

I had such a blast at the 30 Seconds To Mars concert this past weekend! I was so happy to finally get to see them live.

They kept us in suspense behind this white curtain until the music started.

And then the crowd went crazy when that curtain dropped.

The arena held about 4,000 people, so the atmosphere was more like a party than a concert.

Giant red balloons bounced around over the crowd, which kept people quite entertained, especially during the acoustic set. Confetti streamed over the audience towards the end of the show – how fun is that!

 A small venue meant we could get pretty close to the stage, enabling us to get wild and crazy with the band.

We jumped, we screamed, we sang, we danced our butts off! Maybe I will get lucky with a spot in the front row next time – hehehehe.

PS – We are somewhere in this crazy crowd!

The Last Weekend of Summer

Our weather wasn’t very summer-like around here over the Labor Day weekend, so we were kinda lazy, and enjoyed a quiet weekend.

I practiced a few drawings for my drawing fundamentals class. We are learning the very basics, how to draw square blocks, rectangles, cylinders and triangles – all as accurately as possible (and draw them as if they were made of glass so you can see through them), so no masterpieces here! I am just happy to be learning how to see and draw proportions, perspective, parallels, angles, and spheres.

I have also been practicing drawing real things in my personal sketchbook, equally as challenging. This one in particular was good inspiration to practice drawing a cylinder with a sphere, which we covered in class last week.

I did a little sewing and knitting too, which I’ll share in a later post.

We made it to the Taste of Madison, where we sampled some food, tried a beer (or two), and saw some live music, which included good people-watching, always a fun past-time.

I’m off to check on that pot roast we’re having for dinner. At least it’s great weather for cooking with the slow cooker. Even though I’m not working now, these three-day weekends sure make me happy, especially having Monday off. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!