Thrifty Thursday

I’ve been getting into thrift shopping lately, especially since there’s a great thrift store close to my house. Here are a few of my recent finds:

I always search for interesting and unique children’s picture books to add to my illustration reference library. These small Beatrix Potter books are treasures for my bookshelf at $1.00 each! Beatrix Potter is my hero, so I’m grateful to find any of her work at a thrift store.

This illustrated picture book about Charles Dickens was a wonderful find at $2.00. I learned so much about him that I never knew.

I’m also always on the hunt for vintage silver items, and this rectangular-shaped tray was a unique find at $1.00!

This vintage silver wine bottle holder was a rare find at only 60 cents!

I’ve never been a big bargain shopper so I’m having a ball looking for thrifty treasures for everyday use.