On My Design Wall – Bee Blocks

I have received 10 of 12 blocks from my quilting bee partners to make my Garden Party quilt.

A couple blocks came back smaller than the directions, so I will likely end up taking those apart and resewing them together to make sure they are the same size as the rest of the blocks. Since I don’t have much fabric from this collection in my stash, I don’t have a lot of wiggle room to make additional blocks. I’m hoping to get the other two missing blocks back soon, and I’ll be ready to piece this burst of color together.

A Good Day At the Mailbox

I was so excited to open the mail today that I wanted to share the goods with you.

I received a couple blocks from my quilting bee partners.

August was my month and I requested string blocks from my partners using an assortment of Belle fabrics I’ve been saving for a Fall quilt. Aren’t they beautiful?

I recently won a gift certificate from Sherri to spend at Jackie’s shop! Woohoo, thank you, Sherri! Here’s what I used the gift certificate for:

New quilting magazines and Patricia Bravo’s Sugar fabric collection! Check out a close-up shot of these gorgeous fabrics!

I also found a surprise package from my friend Paula, a lil something she sent my way to congratulate me on taking “the plunge.”

Thank you, Paula, for thinking of me! I found so many clever and fun lunch bag ideas in this book.

My favorite is the bag to fit on the handle bars of your bike!

Quilting blocks from friends, fabric and magazines won from a friend, and a fun new book from a friend = a triple happy day at my house!

August Kits are in the Mail

I finally mailed my August kits for my quilting bee.

I am requesting string blocks for a Fall quilt, using these fabrics and a mixture of different solid strips for the centers. I included directions, and links to a couple good tutorials for reference.

I was excited to carry my packages to the post office in style, thanks to this fabulous market bag my friend Amy made for me as part of a swap we did with each other last fall.

I am looking forward to snuggling under this new quilt-in-the-works on those crisp Fall days. I’m picturing a cozy campfire with a knitting project in hand. Can you tell I’m getting a little tired of the hot, humid summer days?

Learn Something New

I’m so excited to report that I learned something new – paper piecing!

I finished making this cyclone block for Doris who had July for our quilting bee.

I used a great tutorial Doris provided, and another one I really liked a lot to guide me through the process. I am thrilled that I know how to paper-piece now, so I kept a few notes along the way, just for future reference, since I’m hoping to try this again:

  • It helps to color in each area of the foundation paper with colored pencils to keep track of which fabric goes where.

  • The fabrics always go right sides together.
  • Lay the fabric over the sewing line, but away from the shape you’re going to fill on the paper, since that fabric will get folded back over the sewing line and pressed open to cover the shape you’re filling in.
  • When you struggle or have to rip out a seam, remind yourself you are learning something new.
  • Remind yourself this is supposed to be fun.
  • Remember, you will be sewing on the lines, which means the paper must be right side up, which feels backwards, upside-down and counter-intuitive, since it feels like you can’t actually see what you’re doing.
  • Perseverance pays off because it turns out beautifully.

Go out and learn something new this week! It’s quite invigorating!

Sewing Again!

I started sewing again!

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve had the time or motivation to sew. I know. It’s a terrible feeling.

My apologies to my quilting bee partners for being late with the June and July blocks. I finished the wonky log cabin for Autumn’s June kit.

I have to confess, I’m not a big fan of making wonky log cabin blocks. I always afraid I’m going to turn the block the wrong direction and sew the next log onto the wrong side. But this one was fun. Maybe because it was Holiday fabrics. Maybe because I pretended I didn’t have anything else going on so I was able to focus and let loose. I am happy with how this one turned out, so I hope Autumn likes it too.

Next, I am gearing up to make Doriscyclone block for July.

It’s a paper piecing block, which I’ve never tried before. I am going to use the tutorial Doris provided and this tutorial for reference.

Once I’m caught up on everyone else’s bee blocks, I am planning to get my fabrics ready to mail for my August kit. I’m going to request string blocks for a fall quilt, using these fabrics.

Sure feels good to be in the sewing seat again!

Geese for the Bee

I must be THE last person to finish my flying geese for my Quilting Bee‘s May blocks.

Amy requested flying geese blocks with the selection of solid fabrics she sent. I really loved working with all solids this month. I kept it traditional and used the lighter solids for the background and the colors for the geese. I felt bad that I was late with my contribution so I made two blocks!

Hope she likes these geese blocks! Check out some of the fabulous contributions other members of our Bee made.