Easy Quilts

I assembled two sets of fabrics almost TEN years ago from my local fabric store, then cut the pieces to make two baby quilts, and neatly packaged everything into large plastic bags. Almost TEN years later, I decided I should just FINISH them.

Kitty quilt

The first quilt top, the “kitty quilt” as I’m calling it because of the inspiration fabric, took me about two hours to complete, with the four-patch quilt block. I have two kitties whom I love so much, so I thought they should have a quilt designated JUST for them.

kitty fabric

They will probably ignore this one and continue to find all the other quilts to lay on, as well as my clothes or fleece jackets that I leave lay around the house.

cats on Christmas quilt

The second quilt project, named the “shamrock quilt” after the inspiration fabric, made from a nine-patch block, also took me only two hours to complete. I love St. Patty’s Day, so I thought it would be fun to have a something to decorate with for the occasion.

shamrock fabric

I don’t really know what I’m going to use this one for, maybe just a tablecloth.

shamrock quilt - finished

The endeavor has been eye-opening as I noticed how my tastes have changed in the past ten years. I probably wouldn’t pick these same fabrics today, even though I’m happy with how these quilts look, especially for their simple purposes.

The patterns I used for the two easy quilts came from the books, Quilts for Babies and Even More Quilts for Babies, both by Ursula Reikes, which are great resources for beginning quilting because they teach the terminology and techniques with easy-to-understand directions and clear diagrams.

-What I liked about these books:

These are beginner books, so I liked the instructions and photos for each individual step of the process, including cutting, piecing, assembling a quilt top, adding borders, making a quilt sandwich, quilting and binding. The end of the instruction section has a great illustration of the anatomy of a quilt – so easy and reassuring for someone who is new to quilting.

Anatomy of a Quilt

-What I didn’t like about these books:

It’s not really something I didn’t like about these books, but more what I would have liked from them. I would have liked to see fabric quantities to turn these baby-size quilts into full-size quilts. But I should be able to figure out that one on my own; after all, the books were titled “Quilts for Babies.”

I hope you are rediscovering unfinished projects and finding time to finish them.