Sunday Stash – Mystery Box

A mystery big box showed up on my door step recently. This is what I found inside.

Piles and piles of fabulous, beautiful Sis Boom fabrics from Jennifer!

My husband has claimed this print for a pillowcase he wants me to make for him.

In the meantime, I will be dreaming up ideas for the rest of these treasured additions to my stash. And, counting my lucky stars at having such a wonderful friend, who is also amazing fabric designer! Thank you, my friend!

Fabric Stash for Quilt Along

I finally decided what sewing project to use these fabrics on. I am going to join Dana’s quilt along. Better late than never! I hesitated at first because I already have so many projects in the works, but it’s hard to resist starting a fun quilt along.

This stack, which has been in my stash for about a year now, is from the Mod Girls fabric collection from Jennifer Paganelli.  I’m excited to be using it!

Stack of Mod Girls fabrics

I cut them into the required 2.5″ strips tonight. I’m not sure if I will have enough strips to make a large enough quilt so I am going to add some solid fabrics too.

Mod Girl strips

Now I just have to get caught up with to week three, which means piecing these strips into over 30 11.5″ blocks. It sounds like a lot of work but I know I can do it!

Join Me For a Picnic?

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was telling you about that kindness package I received from Jennifer Paganelli? I was compelled to make something right away with those fabrics, rather than hoarding them in my stash.

Inspired by the picnic quilt in this quilting book, I decided to make my own version, since I love dining al fresco.

picnic quilt in grass

I just love how it turned out! It measures to a 50 inch square, and could be used as a tablecloth as well.  I think these fabrics were destined for this project because I had just a few small scraps left, pieces that measure about 8 inches x 16 inches.

I am going to use a solid blue fabric for the backing, and I’m going to quilt it with flannel instead of batting so we can use it as a table cloth too.

backing for picnic quiltI only have a half yard of this blue Moda solid, so I guess I need to go fabric shopping.

By the way, I will be closing my giveaway on Sunday, May 31, in case you haven’t entered yet.

A Kindness Package

You know Jennifer Paganelli, right? Of course you do. She is the designer behind the Sis Boom Fabric Collections: Basics, Mod Girls, Bell Bottoms, Flower Power, Pretty Please, and Dance with Me.

But do you know what a wonderful person she is? I came to know this fact recently. You see, I follow her blog daily. I love her style, and I love her fabric designs. They speak to me and inspire me. They are saturated in colors I love and make me feel like I should be at the beach.

Jennifer is one of the kindest people I know. She always comments on my blog, and thanks me for visiting her blog. How many fabric designers do that? She is the only one I’ve ever had personal contact with. And I really appreciate that.

Sis Boom fabrics

Getting to the point, one day last week, this package of fabric showed up in my mailbox. It was a package I did not order. A kindness package, I’m calling it. From Jennifer Paganelli herself! She appreciated my support, so she sent me a few pieces of fabric from her Pretty Please and Flower Power collections.

There’s a really great interview with her at Sewing Examiner, where she talks about her company, her inspirations and influences, her design process, and most importantly, her advice on how to live: “Be good to people!”  You can also listen to a really fun podcast with Jennifer at Craft Sanity, where she talks more about how she got into the fabric design world. I love to hear the story behind creative people’s success!

I love kind people! Thank you so much, Jennifer, for being so kind and for sharing your talent with us!

Coin Quilt Top

I made so much progress on my coin quilt piece-along over the weekend!  Originally, I was going to use the pattern from the Moda Bake Shop for their stacked coins quilt, but since I didn’t start with 5″ charm squares, I ended up cutting my coins a different size.  I guess that means I made up this pattern myself!

I used the fabrics from the Bell Bottom collection by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom Fabrics.  Here are the coin strips sewn together:

coins sewn together into columns

I sewed the coin strips together with the white sashing in between, and here is the finished quilt top!

my coin quilt top!

I really love how it turned out!  It measures about 48″ x 67″, which will be a great size for my 5’5″ height.

binding fabric(binding fabric)

I ordered fabric for the backing, which I’m waiting to be delivered. In the meantime,  I better start practicing my quilting skills.

Coins In Progress

Are you participating in the 2009 coin quilt piece-along?  I have been enjoying seeing all the finished coin quilts as well as the process others are making toward finishing their versions.

I wasn’t sure if I would have time to participate, but I really wanted to.  I often have too many irons in the fire and then have an anxiety attack when I realize I don’t have enough time to finish everything, which takes the fun out of it!  I know, I need to relax and slow down!

I decided to quit worrying and just go for it, so cut up my coins on Friday night.

Coins cut up so far

I am using the coin quilt pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.  I cut ten fat quarters into 5″ strips, and then into 3.5″ coins.  Easy peasy.  Then I laid them into five rows of 22 coins.

I am using fabrics from the Bell Bottoms collection by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom, which make me think of the beach because of the bright, tropical colors.  I love each and every one of the Sis Boom fabric designs (especially the new Flower Power collection), and just discovered Jennifer has a shop where you can order finished goods too!  I have been savoring these fabrics for a long time, and now I’m happy I saved them for just the right project.

I finished my next project for my design class, so I will be sewing all day on Sunday – yippee!  Stay tuned for the quilt progress…