I always thought it would be cool to collect something. I’ve moved over 15 times over the years, so I’ve never had enough space or patience to deal with having a lot of stuff. In fact, every few months I go through our house looking for any clutter or things we’re not using that I can donate to a charity.

If I were to collect something, I would collect journals and sketchbooks, hence the name of my blog: Terri’s Notebook. I have never been without a notebook. My mind is constantly working, so I try to write everything down as ideas, inspiration, and to-dos come up.

Ever since we had to create our own sketchbooks for my Concept Development class last semester, I’m addicted to all sorts of notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, and moleskins. I especially love to make my own and learn new techniques for bookmaking.

I’m happy to report that I actually use the sketchbooks I collect, and have been filling them up with regular drawing practice.

My latest favorite is this colorful sketchbook I bought at Blicks. The cover is a collage of Pantone color chips.

The inside pages are graph paper with blank space at the bottom of each paper.

I also realized that I love eye shadow palettes, so add these to things I collect. I am usually drawn to them for the cool packaging.

But they also have to have a selection of colors I will use.

My husband reminded me that I love lip balms, so I guess I collect those too!

My collections are not very big, and I use all these things regularly, so it’s not so bad after all, is it?! (shush and just nod your head in agreement!)

More Handmade Sketchbooks

Based on all the great feedback I received from you and friends at school on the first batch of sketchbooks I made recently, I made a few more.

I cut apart paper from a large sketchbook leftover from a drawing class I had last semester. I used a stack of small cereal boxes for the covers. The Lucky Charms and Trix are my favorites.

I glued colored cardstock to the inside covers to hide the cardboard. It’s nice to have a colorful background to illustrate as a title page or just add more doodling.

They measure 4.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall, a perfect size to fit in a purse or tote bag. I have to admit making these sketchbooks has become addicting!