Lemon-Lime Table

I bought these Nicey Jane fabrics with the idea of making placemats or a table runner to brighten up our kitchen table for spring.

I started piecing them together a month ago, and I finally had time to finish the ensemble.

I made the placemats first by sewing together four printed strips and a couple uneven solid strips, which measured 10.5 inches wide. I cut those strip sets into 10.5-inch squares, and framed them with chartreuse green solid borders. I didn’t feel like sewing bindings onto each individual placemat, so I layered them right sides together with a piece of flannel for batting, sewed them together, leaving an opening to turn them right side out, and quilted in the ditch to  secure the layers.

For the tablerunner, I alternated the layout of four of those 10.5-inch patchwork squares, and framed it with a grass green solid fabric.

I especially love the look of those randomly quilted lines, especially on that backing fabric. I used that same grass green solid fabric for the binding.

It’s so cheerful and festive to sit down to such a bright lemony-lime table.