Field Trip to Farmers Market

I can’t remember the last time we made a field trip to the farmers market, so it was a thrill to go this past weekend.

It was the last weekend of summer, no better time to get out there while the weather was still warm and sunny.

There were so many vibrant colors to soak in.

I noticed a lot more varieties of peppers on this visit.

Has anyone ever heard of chocolate peppers? I wish I had asked the farmer what these tasted like, but it was so crowded, I never got the chance.

I’m excited for apple season, which has always been one of my favorite fruits (in addition to berries). I bought a few Courtlands that I’m excited to try.

Many of my favorite flowers, mums and asters, were blooming and ready to be taken home.

Every year, when Fall arrives, I see all sorts of big, bold, beautiful sunflowers, and realize I forgot to plant them. I think they are the happiest flower!

I also notice these strawberry flowers every year at the beginning of the Fall season. Talk about bold, vibrant colors!

Dahlias always get lots of oohs and aahs from passersby, especially these bouquets with their rich colors.

There was also a nice selection of ornamental pumpkins and gourds already, which really get you in the mood for fall.

Hope you found some inspiration this weekend too. Thank you for stopping by!

I Love Long Weekends

I wish every weekend could be a three day weekend!

On Friday afternoon, I canned about three quarts of tomato sauce with tomatoes from our garden using Amy’s recipe.

tomatoes from our gardenOn Saturday we spent the afternoon at the Taste of Madison, watching live music, eating and drinking. We saw this great new band from Vancouver. (bet you didn’t know I like heavy metal music!)

The Veer Union concert

On Sunday, I finished two sewing projects for swaps, which I will show you in my next post, after I finish sewing the label onto the mini quilt.

On Labor Day, we went hiking on one of my favorite trails which is only about 20 minutes from our house.

Indian Lake Trailhead

We lucked out with a gorgeous sunny day. Check out this cool hollow tree we are always mesmerized with.

the hollow tree

It’s so huge that I could hide in it!

find me in a hollow treeThis is my favorite part of the trail because it’s so peaceful, yet it reminds of that Stephen King book The Girl Who Love Tom Gordon, about this young girl who gets lost in the woods.

my favorite part of the trailWe are always intrigued with this cool tree that has a bowl shape at the base of the trunk. I wonder if any animals drink from that or if it’s just a breeding ground for bugs.

a bowl in the tree trunk

We saw lots of beautiful wild flowers, pretty fields of flowering weeds, and this butterfly busy on a thistle.

pretty yellow wildflowerIt’s always fun to see what hidden treasures you can find in the woods and on the trails.

butterfly on a thistle

There are a couple posts along the trail with poems on them that I always love to stop and read, reflecting on the moment.

leisure poem on the trailI love it when you find trees leaning over the trail, forming a tunnel or archway for you to walk through.

archway over the trail

At the end of the trail, we always look forward to resting at this warming cabin, a great place to warm up around the campfire if you’re skiing or snowshoeing in winter.

the warming cabin and campfireOh darn, that brings me to the end of our long weekend. I am already looking forward to next weekend!